CCTG Announces New Program With Significant Earning Potential To Enhance Existing Gold and Platinum Packages

CCTG is excited to announce its new enhanced program package which can be added to any existing gold and platinum package options. This new enhanced package now allows graduates to receive two opportunities: Owning a finance business and owning a digital marketing business.

Every business needs two things to survive and grow: Capital and Marketing. Now graduates can take advantage by capitalizing on both by offering business owners not only capital, but also digital marketing services. The best part is graduates do not have to have any experience in marketing or do the actual marketing work for the client. CCTG provides a white label service whereby our marketing staff will conduct all the work while working under your company brand and name.

All graduates will have to do is find businesses in need and our staff will do all the work. CCTG gives graduates wholesale pricing and rates and then the graduate marks it up to market rates and keeps the difference. This packages comes with an additional website, marketing for two years, and a dedicated marketing support person for the life of the business.

Founder and Commercial Capital Training Group CEO said, “this opportunity now allows our graduates another avenue for significant earning potential”. Graduates who elect to take advantage of this will stay an extra week at our training facility to learn from our expert marketing staff and trainers. Now graduates can become true business consultants offering the two most important things every business lacks and needs.

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