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Reasons Why Our Business Model Is Better Than Any Other Business Model or Franchise

If you are an entrepreneur interested in starting a new business or investing into a franchise opportunity, we would highly recommend you take the time to review why our commercial finance training and entrepreneurship course is one of the best solutions to consider.

Our program focuses on educating entrepreneurs on the process of lending businesses capital and we also provide all of the tools, finance resources and support you will need to operate and own your own finance business without all of the additional costs, royalties and fees that a franchise would charge you. This entrepreneurial opportunity is a one-of-a-kind business model that allows you the ability to earn an unlimited income.

Unlimited Income Possibilities

You can earn as much money or as little money as you want. With our business model, your market and clients are national and you are not limited to a specific location or population, like you would be with a franchise business.

No Franchise Fees or Royalties

There are no royalties or fees associated to your business after completing our program. You simply pay the tuition to attend our training and after that you are free to make as much money you want. Most franchises charge you very large sum of money to invest into their franchise and after you are open for business, you are responsible for paying a percentage of your profits and royalties to that particular franchise.

No Geographic Constraints

To revisit a major advantage you have with our business model is that you are never restrained to your local geographic region. You can work locally, nationally and internationally. With a franchise business model you are totally dependent on your local population, so make sure you open up around a heavily populated area.

No Office Needed

Another premium advantage of our program is that you do not need an office. You can literally run this home based business from the comfort of your home office. This makes your business mobile and allows you the ability to visit clients to work out your deals and avoid the high cost of rent. We understand that working with clients in your home may be a preference that you choose not to move forward with and also that you may want to boost the perception of your business by opening an office, but so you know, it is not required and a lot of our graduates run very successful businesses from their homes. Where as with a franchise opportunities, most concepts require a physical location to operate and these costs are ongoing and can be very costly.

Low Overhead Business

Owning a franchise can have it’s benefits, but it also has a lot of costs associated with it. You have the cost of buying into the franchise, purchasing or renting a physical location, costs for marketing and paying percentages of profits and additional fees back to the franchise.

We offer a low overhead business model in order to operate your very own finance business. You have the ability to run a home-based finance business out of your home, our 24-7 ongoing support extension is included in the initial cost of the training. You get certain aspects of marketing included for some time when you launch your business and you also get a certain amount of leads generated for you at the start of your business to assist with getting your business off the ground. We do not take any percentages of your deals and we do not charge any additional fees for any additional support.

Low Investment

Investing in a franchise business and some other business models can cost you an arm and a leg. For some franchise investments, the franchise fee alone can be anywhere from $50K to $100K and there are additional costs not even calculated into this initial fee. With our program, the only fee you pay is the initial investment to our training to start your commercial finance business.

Easy and Inexpensive To Grow

Our commercial lending training allows you to grow your business at your own pace with extremely inexpensive costs compared to a franchise. The business model is designed to offer you a low overhead business opportunity with the ability to grow and thrive as your businesses expands. Whereas with a franchise, the costs associated with expansion and growth can be very costly and will require you to pay more franchise fees and endure higher overhead.

Always A Need For Capital

The great thing about our business opportunity is that it is a recession proof business model. No matter how great or poor the economy is, business owners will always need capital. This, in turn, allows you to always produce profits for your business. Whereas with a franchise model, they can be very one dimensional and can be severely affected when the economy is in a poor state.

Our Re-investment Into Your Business

When you make the best choice of your life and invest into our program, you should know that almost half of your contribution is re-invested back into your business. A portion of the tuition cost paid is used to build you a state-of-the-art business website, certain aspects of marketing and marketing materials, agreements to run your business, leads for your business and vital memberships to proprietary software. To our knowledge, there is no other franchise or business concept that invests that much back into your business.

Ongoing Support For Your Business

One of the premium features of our program is that fact that we provide you with 24-7 support from one of our dedicated commercial finance professionals that will be able to walk you through deals, provide you with direction and advice and act as an extension of your business to assist you with closing deals. Some franchises and business models offer some support, but they do not offer it 6 days a week like we do.

Additional Training and Benefits

Lastly, we wanted to touch on the fact that we continue our relationship with you and your business and provide additional training after class on marketing ideas and new products for free. No other franchise or business concept continues to train and educate you every month after your initial investment. Most of these business opportunities charge you for these additional features.

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