Giving Back Is One Of Our Top Priorities

Business philanthropy is very important to our business model. Giving back to our community and to those in need is what builds a stronger community, economy and business.

CEO and Founder Kris Roglieri emphasizes in multiple articles the importance of donating time, money and resources back to the community to help build the weak parts and be apart of something greater than you and your business.

In the past, Roglieri has rallied local business leaders to donate financial contributions to disaster relief in Japan, Roglieri has donated money and gifts to families in need during the holidays and has made fiduciary contributions to multiple charities.

Our business philosophy is to create a unique financial business opportunity for individuals that will ultimately help businesses across the nation. It is with that same spirit that we help to create opportunities for charitable organizations that we strongly believe in. We are committed to making a charitable donation every month to the following organizations to assist them in reaching their mission.

Make-A-Wish Foundation: Northeast New York Chapter

Commercial Capital Training Group - Make A Wish Contributions

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