Commercial Capital Training Group Graduates – 2009

In 2009, the creation of Commercial Capital Training Group was brought forth by CEO and founder Kris Roglieri. Mr. Roglieri had spent a vast amount of his career in the finance industry and as most financiers know, 2009 was a time to remember, rebuild and rethink the future of finance.

As banks were cutting funding to businesses and personal loans, the materialization of alternative lending companies began to originate throughout the country. Up until this point, banks were the primary source for accessing capital for your business. Mr. Roglieri saw this as an opportunity to bring together a network of alternative lending companies together to connect them with entrepreneurs interested in starting their very own commercial finance business and have the ability to provide funding to business owners when the banks were not coming through.

The program started off slow, but quickly gained traction when graduates started reaping the benefits and profits of the program. The independent commercial finance industry started to grow and became very lucrative very quickly.

2009 was a great beginning to our very successful program and even though we do not have any photos of our graduates, we have been in contact with some of them and their businesses are still growing to this day.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get started with launching your very own commercial finance company, contact us today. Classes fill up quickly so do not hesitate. We look forward to getting you on track to a very successful career.