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The Commercial Capital Training Group offers accessibility to the largest network of alternative lenders compared to any other training program available. With over 50 premium alternative lending sources in our network, as a graduate of our commercial loan broker training course, you will receive a first-class partnership with our lenders.

One of the largest problems that independent loan brokers have is gaining access to reputable lenders that are willing to to take them seriously and work with them one-on-one to fund their deals. With our program you receive exclusive access to our lenders, that return your calls, work directly with you to finance your deals and provide an endless amount of customer support to make sure you get the attention you deserve.

Below are some lenders from our network discussing the power  that our commercial loan broker training course offers and their experiences working with our graduates.

Listen To Some Of Our Lenders Discuss Our Program

These are not paid actors or paid lenders reading off a script. These are authentic perceptions of what our lenders think about our program and their experiences working with graduates of our program.

Listen to one of our lenders talk about the success they are having with our graduates.

Listen to one of our lenders you will meet through our training talk about how successful they are in working with CCTG brokers.
Listen to one of our lenders discuss how graduates of our program can make a six-figure income off of one transaction.
Another one of our Real Estate Lenders talking about the success they have had with our graduates of our program.
Listen to one of our real estate lenders speaking on their successful experience in working with our graduates.
Another lender discusses his experience working with our CCTG graduates and the greatness of our program.
One of our lenders talking about being a part of the program and the benefits to taking our commercial finance course.
One of our lenders discusses the day in the life of working with our graduates after training.
This is a 2011 graduate who was so successful with his brokerage business that he actually became a direct lender. Listen to his story.

Listen To How Our Program Changed Our Graduates Lives

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