Proprietary Marketing Package

Marketing is one of most important aspects of any successful business. That is why we spend nearly two full days just teaching you effective marketing techniques to maximize the effectiveness of our unique commercial finance training program. Not only do we teach you how to effectively market your business we also do the marketing for you for the first year. You will learn how to target key markets and get clients fast. Our techniques show you how to develop a continuous flow of new clients for years to come. The best part of the finance industry is that your services are needed all the time. Some of the highlights to this package are real time exclusive leads every month for the first 2 years of your business, Network Referral building whereby we actually set up local appointments for you with people who can refer you business in your community and marketing for the life of your business!

We know how to get clients because we are lenders ourselves. Our founder owns and operates two direct commercial lending companies. We know this business better then anybody and have been financing businesses and commercial real estate for over 20 years. We know how to market for clients as we are in this business in a very big way. Just google the words “commercial lending” or “commercial loans” and one of our founder’s lending companies comes up number one: Prime Commercial Lending.

The Finance Marketing GroupWe also know everything there is to market this business because our founder actually founded the nation’s only full service digital marketing agency that concentrates on banks, finance companies, and financial brokers. This company is The Finance Marketing Group. Banks, Lenders and Brokers actually use The Finance Marketing Group for their marketing needs. They have an in-house team of marketing professionals that provide services to the finance industry including but not limited to: SEO or search engine optimization, website development, ppc management, social media advertising, content strategy, flyer and brochure creation, public relations, email marketing, video creation and production, TV and radio ad creation, and media buying.

The Finance Marketing Group Recognized By Google For Their Outstanding Lead Generation Work

Google Partner BadgeMembers of The Finance Marketing Group have been recognized by Google for their outstanding lead generation work through Google’s paid search platform. The result of this recognition lead to The Finance Marketing Group being selected to be one of 50 agencies out of 15,000 to visit Google and take part in Google’s annual All-Stars Summit located at Googleplex in Mountain View, California. The Finance Marketing Group is a proud Google Partner and a badged agency with certifications in both Google Adwords and Google Analytics.

CCTG graduates not only benefit from the marketing education they will receive as a result of this company, but also discounted rates should any graduate want the services of The Finance Marketing Group. Your business will have a specialized marketing team consisting of over 30 people behind it for life.

Our Three Training Program Options

We offer two programs (Signature Gold Program and Elite Platinum Program and Legacy Packages) where the only thing that differs between the two are the level of marketing we provide for each program.

Program 1 – Signature Gold Program

Through our marketing presentation, you will learn various ways to market to clients through effective media and simply networking. We give you our proprietary time tested techniques and teach you to effectively use them for the life of your business. It would take someone years to master the marketing education that you will learn in 6 days. Our lenders even teach you how to identify the right prospects for each type of lending. With that knowledge and our constant practice of using cutting edge technology, you will be an expert in every marketing outlet to reach clients fast.

Two Full Years of Marketing (Email, Content & Social Media)

When you decide to purchase this dynamic one-of-a-kind comprehensive training program, included in the cost under the Signature Gold Program, we are going to have our dedicated marketing company, The Finance Marketing Group, do your marketing for two full years to help you get your business started online. We know how important marketing is for your business and we want to make sure you have an online presence to help you grow successfully.

Guaranteed Prospects to Jump Start Your Business (For The First Month)

To jump start your business when you get home, we will generate your fist set of prospects for your first month out of training. We developed a customized proprietary lead generating system based on our lender’s products. You will be able to receive real-time custom leads of businesses seeking financing for any one of the products you will be able to offer. With this system, businesses in need of financing come to you! Best of all, you can customize the types of leads that you want based on several variables and qualifying factors. All leads are exclusive so your client is not being called by multiple people. This innovative program will allow you to start doing business immediately and earning money in a short amount of time. Some of our graduates close their first couple of deals through this program and continue to use it for years to come.

Networking Referral Building: (Appointment Setting Program) 

This program is the most innovative way we start building your local referral network around where you live. Our team will actually find people who can refer you transactions and actually set up appointments for you to meet them so you can tell them about your services. So not only will our marketing team be generating leads for you month after month but we will be networking for you month after month so you don’t have to. It is the “new” networking that proves to be effective in today’s age.

Custom, Ready-to-Market Website ($5,000 Value) 

The fastest growing marketing outlet today is the Internet. It is vital for a business to have an Internet presence so that customers can find it. That is why you will get a state-of-the-art website, custom made to showcase your financing company’s capabilities and give your company a powerful and professional presence. Your website will be search engine optimized so that customers can find your business when searching the Internet. We spend a great amount of time showing you how to market your website over the Internet so that you get a continuous stream of clients day after day with little effort on your part.

Social Media Management (Two Full Years)

For the first two years of your business we will have a dedicated team of social media experts build up a following on your social media outlets (Facebook & LinkedIn) and help build brand awareness and share your content and make you a thought leader in the industry.

Content Marketing (Two Full Years)

You will have a dedicated team of writers during the two years developing fresh content for your blog and syndicate it out through our social media outlets. Not only will we make you a thought leader in the topics you want us to focus on, but we will also optimize the articles so that they are picked up on search engines.

Email Marketing (Two Full Years)

Email marketing is not about just sending out monthly newsletters anymore. For a full year we take your existing database of contacts and through targeted email marketing techniques we will build and reinforce brand credibility. Essentially we will create an email drip campaign to harness leads from you database. We will develop new content each month that will introduce your product offerings, along with monitoring your open rates, and click through rates and report back to you on our finding.

Custom Access to the World’s Largest Database of Businesses 

We give you 1000 leads for free to jump start your business by giving you access to the largest database of businesses. You will be able to generate qualified prospects to market to that need the financing services that you will be able to provide. This is a proven marketing outlet that all Fortune 500 companies use, and now you will be able to utilize the same privilege. Through us, you will learn the best marketing plans for small business success.


Learn more about your investment in our Signature Gold program.

Program 2 – Elite Platinum Program

Then we have are Elite Platinum Program engineered to put your business in warp speed and continue on for the life of your business. This is our most exclusive package specifically designed and tailored for the entrepreneur who commands the very best strategic marketing plan to maximize their success with their finance business at a fraction of the true market price for the services that are included in this package. Our marketing team will implement a $130,000 customized marketing plan that will launch your business at rocket speed right after you are done with training. You will have a fortune 500 company marketing plan at a fraction of what this marketing package is worth. Some of the highlights to this package are real time exclusive leads every month for the first 2 years of your business and marketing for the life of your business!

Marketing For The Life Of Your Business (Email, Content, Social Media, Website Maintenance & Unlimited Print)

If you decide to take your business to the next level by investing in our Elite Platinum Program, you will not only get our intensive commercial finance training program, but you will get full access to our premium finance marketing company, The Finance Marketing Group. This dedicated finance marketing team will be your exclusive marketing partner and will be responsible for elevating your business to it’s fullest potential. You get to focus more on your business and closing deals, while we work hard to drive new prospective clients to your door. The best part about this program is that some of the great features of this program are for the life of your business.

Real Time, 7 to 25 Clients Per Month Looking for Financing (For The First Two Years Of Your Business – $24,000 Value)

This is our most appealing upgrade feature that consists of generating anywhere from 15-25 potential clients, per month, that are searching to utilize your products and services. This option allows the phone to continually ring and your email to fill up with potential deals. You will have the opportunity to filter out the best leads from the people contacting you and allow you the ability to act quickly on the most promising opportunities.

State-of-the-Art Optimized Website (A $10,000 or more Value) 
As an extension of the Signature Gold Program feature, along with the design and development of your business website, we will implement a variety or search engine optimization techniques. This will enhance your visibility within the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing. These methods increase the chances of getting your website to page one, when people are searching for your services.

Proactive Website Maintenance (For The Life Of Your Business) 
This added feature includes proactive maintenance to ensure the success of your website. Websites that lack activity depreciate to people visiting your website and to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. With this feature you will have exclusive access to our professional web development team that will assist in keeping your website up to date, whether is adding new content, editing or adding images, designing new web graphics, fixing any issues that arise and improving your website for the future.

Aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign (First 12 Months – $60,000 Value)
Along with what we provide with the enhanced state-of-the-art optimized website feature, we get extremely in depth with implementing current search engine optimization methods. This includes extensive keyword research that involves targeting specific keywords people are using to find your business and services online. It also includes improving your current content and putting together an extensive optimization strategy for your future content.

Social Media Marketing and Management (For The Life Of Your Business) 
Social media is the new wave of connecting with people from all over and it is also a place for you to continually educate and reach out to your potential clients. It allows you the opportunity to quickly connect with people that are interested in your services. It is a highly underrated medium for the financial industry, which has put us ahead of the game when conducting our marketing methods through these channels.

Content Marketing (For The Life Of Your Business) 
Content marketing is a very important aspect of online success these days and we take this feature very seriously. It is very important to continually add valuable information to your website to help educate your clients, attract new clients and establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry. We make this happen by creating a vast amount of content that is relevant to your business and industry and helps increase your business’s presence online.

Email Marketing (For The Life Of Your Business) 
Email marketing is another extremely powerful way of staying in front of your current clients and providing them with new services, important industry information and even certain offers you may be providing. We are able to setup an email marketing campaign that maintains a frequency standardized to user behavior to avoid people from unsubscribing from your email marketing, but also provide content that will keep your business in the head.

5000 Free Leads to Use Any Way You Want For Direct Mail

This feature allows you the ability to target 5000 potential clients and present them with information or offers about your products and services. This is a great way to get a printed direct mail piece with information or offers in the hands of potential business owners searching for capital for their business.

Unlimited Print Design Collateral (For The Life Of Your Business) 
After graduating from class, if you plan on attending any conferences, sending out any postcards or need any type of printed item, our design team will be fully accessible to you. We will provide unlimited graphic design services to create the print material you need to help market your business.

In Person Live Training for Future Sales Agents At Your Location (Up To 3) 
Once your business is off the ground and you are presented with the opportunity to hire sales associates or higher level finance advisors, our senior training specialist will fly to your office and provide an in depth training course for up to 3 of your new employees to get them up to speed on the products and services that you offer.

Google Analytics Setup and Monitoring 
Google Analytics is an extensive online tool that allows us to track visitors coming to your website and find out more information about them. This gives us the opportunity to make improvements to your online presence and establish a strategy to target an monitor these visitors and their online sessions while visiting your website. This is very helpful to ensure that you are getting the most traffic possible from our marketing efforts.


Learn more about your investment in our Elite Platinum Program.

Program 3 – Legacy Program

Then we have are Legacy Program This is our highest level program tailored to the entrepreneur who wants the ultimate array of resources and tools to maximize and ensure their income and success operating their own commercial finance company. Our Legacy package was created out of the most important needs of our graduates that we noticed over the past decade in creating commercial loan brokers. It consists of everything our popular platinum package offers plus an additional years worth of exclusive real-time leads, our marketing enhancement package and your very own back office personal processor for the life of your business which will allow you to focus on business development and leave all the responsibility of collecting documents and submitting loan packages to your personal loan processor.

Some of the marketing outlets you will be educated thoroughly on during our 6 day class with both programs:

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is one of the best ways to reach your prospects and customers with a tangible, attention-grabbing marketing piece. Rather than waste money on expensive hit-or-miss marketing tactics, direct mail lets you pick and choose the exact market you want to reach – and puts your message right in prospects’ hands. With a printed direct mail marketing piece, your reader will be able to hold the ad in their hands and read it at their speed and convenience — enabling a higher chance of them keeping it in case they aren’t ready to act on it right away.

For some of our lenders products this form of advertising works very well and generates results fast. We will show you proven techniques to effectively target businesses and direct market to them. This could include postcard marketing and numerous other ways to reach your targeted audience. You will learn how to create your marketing piece, see real examples that we use in our own group of finance companies, and finally implement and reach your audience. This is a great way to reach businesses outside your local market.

Direct Mail Marketing Advantages:

  • Bring in more new customers
  • Boost brand recognition
  • Send special promotions or sales
  • Efficient use of advertising dollars
  • Highly selective, targeted and personalized
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Response easily measured

Networking with Bankers, CPA’s, Attorneys , Real Estate Sales Agents and many more professionals.

We will teach you how to go after these groups of professionals as they are usually the people who know people who need money for their business or real estate need. They make excellent referrals and can build your business easily as they refer you transactions. During our class we will get into how to approach each type of professional, what to say, how you say it, to build a long term referral relationship.

Email Marketing

This form of marketing helps build brand awareness and promote products by reaching specific target demographics through timely and smart email messages. Email marketing is not just about sending out your monthly newsletter anymore. Through targeted email marketing, you can reach an audience of millions to offer a special promotion, introduce a new product or to obtain additional email addresses. This is a great way to integrate with all of your online marketing strategies so you can gain a stronger foothold in your market.

Email Marketing Advantages:

  • Builds and reinforces branding and credibility
  • Cost-effective results
  • Easy and quick turnaround times
  • Drives sales, leads and revenue growth
  • Can be highly targeted for specific demographics
  • Increase viral marketing opportunities
  • Easy to track and gives trackable results in real-time

Leaders in Google Analytics Consulting

Metrics are meaningless unless they tie to a key business objective. Brands must have clear KPIs and understand which communities are the most accessible and important to interact with to achieve the outcomes they desire. To ensure a strong return on investment, content must be tested, analyzed and optimized continuously. We setup every attendee with a Google Analytics account and weekly reports sent directly to your inbox.

Google Analytics Advantages:

  • Measure the results of your marketing campaigns
  • Evaluate the traffic flow of your website
  • Improve your web page quality and fine tune your website
  • Analyze and compare your visitor’s keyword usage
  • Visitor segmentation
  • Identify which pages and links your visitors click the most
  • Analytics and AdWords combined

Social Media Marketing

Social media can help build your brand awareness and reach specific target markets through content creation, distribution, and various communication strategies using today’s most relevant methods. Using the proper social media marketing strategies, businesses can engage with their consumers and educate others on their brand, products and services on a more personal and substantial level than ever before. Our expert team of website and marketing staff will work to automatically set your business up with a social media identity package.

Social Media Advantages:

  • Generate inbound links back into your website
  • Easily increase brand awareness
  • Generate quality traffic to your website
  • Increase search engine rankings for targeted keywords
  • Reach specific target markets at a higher level
  • Provide the ability to instantly communicate with your customers on a grand scale
  • Ability to “soft-sell” your products and services

SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization is a long term online marketing process that has extremely beneficial results that helps your customers successfully find your products and services online faster with less effort. The bottom line is an increase in motivated and interested customers to your website which means increased sales for your business. We will show you some of the tricks of the trade and options to SEO optimize your website as there are a plethora of strategies one can choose from. We will cover topics such as quality link building, content strategy, blog writing, keyword research and optimization, Google Plus, Google authorship, and many more.

SEO Advantages:

  • Definite increase in traffic
  • Higher brand credibility
  • Improve your competitive edge
  • Boost sales and increase your return on investment

Pay Per Click

Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of pay per click advertising’s immediate and quantifiable results. It delivers highly targeted pre-qualified traffic and your company’s message is delivered to the very customers already searching for your product. We will show you how to do this so that you can be visible and getting clients on day one of your business.

Pay Per Click Advantages:

  • Immediate search visibility
  • Reinforce Branding
  • Great way to test new products and capabilities
  • Local to global exposure
  • Control and Flexibility on your goals and budget
  • Instant traffic
  • Easily trackable ROI

Banner Ad Advertising

Banner ads are online forms of advertising. They usually come in many forms, animated or static imagery. These banners are placed on a website, in view of your target audience, allowing you to show off your brand. Furthermore, the ad is linked to your website, or landing page, allowing for people to explore your site and purchase your products or services.

Banner Ad Advertising Advantages:

  • Build brand recognition
  • Strategically expose your company right where you want it
  • Easily measure your results
  • Effective audience targeting

Additional Services You Can Offer

Up Sell Marketing ServicesGenerate A Residual Income By Up Selling Marketing Services

Another great aspect of our program is that you will have exclusive access to our premium digital marketing agency and will have the opportunity to start generating an alternative source of residual income through this bonus program.

As a graduate of the Commercial Capital Training Group and a new business owner, you will be spending a lot of your time connecting with business owners that not only need capital, but potentially need marketing. This is your opportunity to up sell our marketing services and starting collecting 10% commissions for Gold members and 15% commissions for Platinum members on a monthly basis for the life of the clients account. Click here to learn more about our business marketing services.

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