CCTG Graduate Braxton Sorg Featured in Columbia Living Magazine

The teaser reads, “Where getting a loan is smooth sailing.” The article helps lay the foundation for the versatility of Braxton’s business that was ignited and inspired by his training at Commercial Capital Training Group. Sorg now owns and operates a successful finance company from an office in his fly bridge cabin cruiser, the “Inner Child,” on Lake Murray.

From the article:

“Sorg has not only stayed afloat but has become very successful with that client-centered fiscal strategy. “With clients across 12 time zones, I am able to bring up to a billion dollars to the table and provide my small-business clients many types of loans.” 

Leveraged corporate buyouts, franchise and aircraft loans are not always attractive to banks or credit unions, but Sorg facilitates those needs, as well as other endeavors that are sometimes considered too risky for corporate bank loan officers to consider. 

‘Private loans are flexible,’ Sorg said. “I can help people who have credit scores in the 625-700 range – not because of a poor payment history, but because their focus has been on inventory or the purchase of land or buildings – all of which can temporarily make a credit score drop and the client look less ‘bankable’ to corporate lenders.'”

Read the article in its entirety here.

Article and image authored and attributed to Clair de Lune.