Enhanced Program – $5,000

Own Your Own Marketing Business™

Two Opportunities – Double The Revenue

Be A One Of A Kind Business Consultant
Offering Capital and Digital Marketing
Solutions to Businesses

Our enhanced training package is inspired by NEED and driven by a team with decades of digital marketing experience. When you upgrade your training package to Enhanced, you’ll leave training with two (2) lucrative business opportunities: One in commercial finance and one in the highly sought after digital marketing industry.

Offer World-Class Innovative Marketing Solutions to Businesses Worldwide

Gold/Platinum Enhanced Program Add-On: $5,000
(normally $26,000)

Starting a Digital Marketing Agency
A Business Opportunity Unlike Any Other

The digital era has revolutionized the way consumers and businesses connect. The digital marketing industry is generating revenue of over $500 billion annually. There is more demand for these services than there are quality service providers. Carve out your corner of this industry in conjunction with offering capital solutions. 

Learn a second business model by owning your own digital marketing business. This is the perfect cross-sell to any business when providing capital to them. Be in the unique position to offer financing and marketing at very competitive prices all done under your business name. You don’t have to do the work. Just find the clients.

Be That All-Inclusive Business Growth Consultant

Offer What All Businesses Need: Capital and Marketing

In addition to your 6-day commercial finance training (whether you choose the Gold or Platinum Packages), you’ll stay with us for an additional 2 days for digital marketing consultant training.
We will train and guide you to become a successful entrepreneur in the digital marketing industry. You can take pride in running and growing your own independent digital marketing business with our world-class support and continuing education system.

Because our opportunity is not a franchise, there are no royalty fees. You will be able to embrace true financial independence and become a leader in a growing industry.

  • No marketing experience required
  • A full white-label team of experienced digital pros included
  • Comprehensive Support for the life of your business included
  • Ongoing Education after training included

What is the Enhanced Profit Package?

We Will FulFill All Marketing Activities For You

Our digital marketing team has the experience and forward-thinking know-how to find success for YOUR clients. Essentially, you’ll be a consultant who uses our white-labeled marketing services that we offer to you at wholesale prices.

Meet Your Lead Instructor Joe Schaefer

Listen to a Grad Comment During Class

Why the Program Add-On?

Simple: Make More Money By Offering Additional Services.

Offering unique solutions to difficult common problems are how businesses grow and grow rapidly. Today, with a lot of broker options available to business owners, many will gravitate towards those brokers who have unique solutions to handle common problems such as capital and ways to grow sales. With our enhanced package you will now be able to offer any business marketing solutions to grow their business. Every business needs capital and ways to grow their business. Now you’re the business consultant offering many ways to finance and grow them with innovative digital marketing solutions. Your business will profit like no other in offering a complete set of solutions that every business needs.

Do I Have To Do The Digital Marketing Work?

No, absolutely not. Our team will do all of the work and act as a white label solution for your business. This means all you have to do is find the client and the need and our team of expert digital marketers will do the actual leg work in executing the marketing work all while working under your business name. Its very simple: You find the client, we do the work, and you will be given a wholesale rate from us and you markup that rate and keep the difference. Our rates are structured so that you are offering the most competitive rates and solutions for any business at the same time making a healthy profit. You will have your own support marketing person to help you with every client and even get on the phone with your clients.

What Can My Business Offer?

As a graduate of our enhanced program you will be able to offer every digital marketing service to businesses including but not limited to: SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click or AdWords Advertising, Lead Generation, Social Media Advertising, Link Building, Website Creation and Hosting, Analytics and Call Tracking, Digital Networking, Content Creation and Marketing, Reputation Management, Direct Mail Advertising, Email Marketing, and more. Digital marketing has become a staple for businesses to establish a strong presence, engage with their customers, and compete in today’s economy. You will have a full scale business consulting business that profits from every crucial angle that businesses need — CAPITAL AND MARKETING.

What Can I Offer That’s Different Than Other Brokers?

One of the most common problems businesses have is the need for capital and a steady stream of customers for cash flow; that’s where YOU come in: Become a broker who can offer businesses BOTH capital and customers through unique lending programs and expert digital marketing — making YOU a modern, sought after, highly-qualified broker with more benefits than the other brokers out there.

How Much Money Can I Earn from Offering Marketing Services?

With hard work and dedication there is an unlimited amount of money to be made with your unique competitive digital marketing services. Don’t forget you are combining this with your finance business which your clients are the same: Business Owners. Below are a few examples of how you can monetize the marketing services you will offer.

Meet Our Director Of Our Enhanced Program

Meet Our Head Of Support For Enhancement Graduates

How Does it Work

When you upgrade your Gold or Platinum broker training package to ‘Enhanced’, you’ll leave training with two (2) lucrative business opportunities: One in commercial finance and one in the highly-sought-after digital marketing industry. Directly below is a description of what you get for your Enhanced investment.

Marketing Training

Additional 2 Days of Training

Our training classrooms are physically located in Albany, NY. We feel in-person training is the best way for you to get both group and personalized attention. Hands-on learning with your graduate group allows you to ask specific questions in order to get personalized, immediate answers. While the technologies behind telecommunication have helped advance knowledge and learning, at its fundamental core, good education becomes great when it’s in person.

Commercial Finance Website

State-of-the-Art Optimized Website (A $5,000 Value)

One of the most important ways to establish your business’s presence is on the Internet. That is why as part of your investment we develop and customize a fully functioning professional website along with a content management system (CMS) for you. Your hosting is also included free for one year. From your logo to optimizing your website so it will be seen, we handle all the details for you so you don’t have to. In fact, your website will be online and ready to go before you leave our training. Through our proprietary marketing techniques, you will be able to utilize your website to attract thousands of clients for years to come.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Management (One Full Year)

We all know that we need to have social media, but sometimes we just don’t have the time to get it done. We know how important it is, so we help get you started by creating your company pages on the following social media outlets: Facebook and LinkedIn. That is not all, we also do social media management and marketing for you for two full years. With a dedicated team that knows commercial finance, we build your online presence and build up your followers to give you some authority on the web.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing (One Full Year)

In today’s online marketing world, nothing is more important than creating fresh quality content related to your services to help assist your business website appear in the search engine results.

With a dedicated team of writers, we will develop fresh content for your blog each month and syndicate it out to your social network. We will write content tailored to the products you want to offer and we will also optimize it for better search engine presence and make you a thought leader in the industry.

Finance Email Marketing

Email Marketing (One Full Year)

Staying in front of your current clients and letting them know about your products is very important, just as important as networking. We not only use Constant Contact, one of the best email marketing companies in the world to help provide an email service to you and your customers, we also are going to develop fresh content each month and stay in front of your contacts, track your open rate, and report back to you each month. Essentially we will create an email drip campaign to your database and market to them to harness leads. ( Please note that we require you to set up an account with Constant Contact in order for our team to conduct email marketing services.)

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that can help you identify keywords, referral sources, website traffic, measure your marketing campaigns, how long visitors are staying on your site and much more.

We will set you up with an account and setup some basic conversion/goal tracking metrics that will allow you to see how well your website performs. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Continuing marketing Education

Continuing One-On-One Live Support and Continuing Education After You Leave Our Offices

One thing that makes our graduates so successful is the ongoing one-on-one live support  and training that we provide after you graduate. Whether it’s your first week in business or years down the road, we are always there to guide and advise you in any situation. Our trainers and founders are just a phone call away to guide or assist you in any way. You will have a dedicated support person who you will meet during training to work with you one on one after you graduate. After your initial training, we will continue to educate you and provide you with new cutting edge programs to further develop your digital marketing business for no additional fees. We are always on the cutting edge of technology and the latest trends in the digital marketing industry, and you will be too.

Our success is solely based on your success, so we have a vested interest in making sure you succeed with your business.

The Money You Can Make From Closed Marketing Deals:

Website Development

Every business needs a website in this new digital age of marketing. Without a professional website you might as well set up your business in the middle of the desert. With great design and professional website development, you will be able to offer the perfect website for any client.

Example: An auction house in New York wanted to be able to cut down on the expenses of sending out large lists of upcoming events and the various antiques, collectibles, and artwork that were going to be available. By getting an easily navigable and attractive website tailored to their business, they not only cut down a number of costs, but also increased their client base by 524%, by delivering information and updates instantaneously. Their customers are now able to view what items are on the block from their computers, phones, and tablets, and track auctions in real time to get the valuable antiques they want.
RANGE: $1,000-$15,000

Search Engine Optimization

This is a perfect example of a digital marketing agency not only building a long-term relationship with a client but also earning an ongoing monthly revenue stream.

Example: A new laser and medical spa opened up and needed to create awareness of its services and connect with potential clients online. The website was launched with fully optimized content that targeted the client’s primary audience. There were strategically placed inline forms which helped to give prospective customers the opportunity to request more information about any of the services, and even request a consultation and setup an appointment directly on the site. The forms and the content helped engage the customer and spark conversations about the treatments. Over the first year there was a 62% increase in leads generated by visitors completing their online form. 108% increase in organic traffic (not paid advertising, actual search results in Google) and a 100% increase in phone call leads.
EXAMPLE MONTHLY AMOUNT: $2,000 – $10,000 per month

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

A great way to simply increase ROI and generate leads from every campaign while saving your clients valuable budgets for other things.

Example: A person Portland, OR has a home-based business that makes custom perfumes and bath oils. This is a very niche business, but she was looking to grow her customer base and increase sales. Using pay-per-click advertising, ads for her business started to show up when people made relevant searches on Google, or when they visited other websites. The attractive ads sparked interest across the country, and in a one month period, she nearly quadrupled her sales. Her business now has a strong national presence due to PPC ads, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.
EXAMPLE MONTHLY AMOUNT: $1,500 per month

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