Commercial Capital Training Group Graduates – 2014

Our 2014 Commercial Capital Training Group graduates consisted of a vast array of motivated entrepreneurs from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. From doctors to bankers to lawyers and more, no matter what their background or experience was in, they all came to the class with one goal, to start their own commercial finance company.

Our support team and instructors where available to answer all questions and also to provide real experiences from their own finance deals. No matter what professional career you have explored in the past, every single one of our graduates has a very successful future ahead of them.

Commercial Capital Training Group - January 2014 Graduates

January 2014 Graduates

We started the new year with a bang as we produced another set of entrepreneur’s eager to help businesses in 2014. This group of exceptional entrepreneurs arrived to class ready to start the new year off right. They were motivated and determined to start their finance businesses and begin their journeys to financial success. We wish you nothing but the best of luck to you all in 2014!

Commercial Capital Training Group - February 2014 Graduates

February 2014 Graduates

This month proved to be yet another exciting class that consisted of a lot of talented and ambitious entrepreneurs eager to learn the commercial finance business. We had a Commercial Banker, Three Residential Mortgage brokers, A Harley Davidson salesman, a Former Restaurant Owner, Two Commercial Loan Brokers, A Credit Card Merchant Processor, A Paralegal, A Developer, and a Wealth Management Advisor.Good Luck to you all!!

Commercial Capital Training Group - April 2014 Graduates

April 2014 Graduates

It was another great class this month filled up with talented, smart people from as far as Hawaii. We had a CPA, corporate executives, a restaurant owner, an attorney, a loan broker, a couple active duty military people, and real estate investors. All with the intention of taking control of their lives and running their own commercial finance business. They worked hard all week and are leaving with everything they need to succeed. Good luck to you all!

Commercial Capital Training Group - May 2014 Graduates

May 2014 Graduates

This class was a another great class in that we has a good representation of entrepreneurs from all around the country. We had a former coal mine operator, a motorcycle dealership owner, a commercial airline pilot, a security special operations manager, a real estate broker, a person from the private equity sector, a hedge fund manager, a car dealership manager, and a person that worked in digital marketing. Good luck to you all!

Commercial Capital Training Group - June 2014 Graduates

June 2014 Graduates

Our June class proved to be another great class with eager entrepreneurs looking to thrive with a career in finance. We had a restaurant owner, a couple of executives, former business owners and franchise owners, franchise brokers, and a firemen. The variety of professional backgrounds in this class reflects that there are no limits to who can take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. We look forward to working with all of you in the future and good luck with your new businesses!

Commercial Capital Training Group - July 2014 Graduates

July 2014 Graduates

We had a fantastic class this month. We had a fantastic group of residential mortgage brokers looking to cross over into commercial lending, a finance consultant, a former commercial banker, ‎an insurance agent, a US Air force engineer and a manager at a franchise. This group came in with their heads to the desk and powered through the curriculum quickly. All very anxious to launch their new businesses and get a move on with helping business owners access capital. Good luck to you all!

Commercial Capital Training Group - August 2014 Graduates

August 2014 Graduates

This month was an exciting one as we had many attendees interested in our entrepreneurial opportunity. We had two policemen, a private jet broker, a real estate investor, a former banker, a car buying consultant, an engineer, an employee of a staffing company and a contractor. This group all showed up with a strong purpose to absorb all of the information our training provides. We are very excited to work with this great group of CCTG graduates. Good luck to you all!

Commercial Capital Training Group - September 2014 Alumni

September 2014 Graduates

Our September Commercial Capital Training Group Alumni class proved to be another great class of eager entrepreneurs looking to expand themselves through our commercial loan officer training and build successful commercial finance businesses. They have been given all the commercial finance knowledge, commercial lenders, marketing and support needed to start their businesses off right. Good luck to you all!

Commercial Capital Training Group - October 2014 Alumni

October 2014 Graduates

This month we are excited to announce another new set of entrepreneurs. This group of motivated future business owners were ready to tackle the 6 day training and squeeze everything they could from it.  They left ecstatic and driven to get back to their homes and start their commercial finance businesses. We couldn’t be happier for this group to get out their and start helping their communities. Good luck to you all!

Commercial Capital Training Group - November 2014 Alumni

November 2014 Graduates

This month we are excited to announce another new set of entrepreneurs. This group was so big, we had to search around the office for seats to accommodate them. This could possibly be the largest class we have yet, but that did not limit the amount of stimulus present in the room to obtain all of the insights provided by Kris, Jon and our lenders. We are very excited to work with you and support your business. Good luck to you all!

Commercial Capital Training Group - December 2014 Alumni

December 2014 Graduates

This month we are excited to announce another new set of entrepreneurs. This class was enormous filled with a fascinating group of professionals. All of which, were dedicated developing their new finance businesses and kicking off 2015 with the hopes and dreams of being their own boss and becoming financially independent. We wish you the best and good luck to you all!