Commercial Capital Training Group Graduates – 2010

Our 2010 year was record breaking time for our program and the amount of Commercial Capital Training Group graduates had doubled in size since 2009 as word of our program and the emergence of alternative funding took the nation by storm. We worked hard to incorporate a handful of new commercial lenders and create new features that only added more value to our commercial finance training course.

2010 was a great year for Commercial Capital Training Group and this was just the beginning to the evolution of our program and the growth of our CCTG family. For entrepreneurs interested in launching their very own commercial finance business, Commercial Capital Training Group has the best program in the world for accomplishing such goals.

View Testimonials From Some Of Our 2010 Graduates

The tradition of taking class photos didn’t start until 2012, but we were fortunate enough to sit down with some of our 2010 graduates and get some feedback and testimonials from some of our graduates.

Please note that these are not paid actors or paid graduates reading off a script. These are genuine reflections of what our graduates think about their investment with our company, the quality of our program and the success of their business.

Doug (July 2010)
John (July 2010)
Jeffery (July 2010)
Clay (July 2010)
Keri (July 2010)
John (July 2010)
Andrew (July 2010)
Aslam (April 2010)
Hamid (March 2010)

The above people are real people who attended our training program and were not compensated in any manner to do a testimony. The results that our graduates talk about in the above testimonies in regards to any income made as a result of attending our training are not guaranteed. Typical commissions that are illustrated on this website can fluctuate depending on the lender, each specific transaction and the circumstances around it and the efforts put forward by each individual who attends our training. Since the success of starting any new business is dependent on several factors such as the time and effort each individual puts into a new business and other scenarios that are out of our control, it is impossible to convey what each individual will make after attending our training. Because of this, The Commercial Capital Training Group, LLC makes no promises or guarantees regarding return on investment, success or revenue of those that attend the Commercial Capital Training Group training program.