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Facebook LogoThe greatest accomplishment we have is when our graduates launch their new finance businesses and reach the success they were seeking by investing in our program. We always hear that they were originally skeptical of the opportunity, but after taking our class, they are blown away with the quality and integrity of our commercial loan broker training program.

Beyond the numerous CCTG testimonial videos we have, we have been receiving 5-star rating after 5-star rating on our facebook company page. These Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook reviews are actual graduates of our program taking time out of their busy schedules to tell future entrepreneurs about their experiences and how powerful our program is.

Below are the first-hand reviews from our facebook company page, but feel free to jump over to facebook and like our page and see the reviews for yourself.

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Carline DiazFive Star Facebook RatingMay 31, 2017

The training I received exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it .Thanks you to all the wonderful staff at CCTG who made it possible.

Ken Von KohornFive Star Facebook RatingMay 31, 2017

We spent an intense week learning the basics of commercial loan brokerage and financial consulting. The material was challenging but not excessively so. CCTG practices what it preaches — its presenters are well-prepared and equipped with helpful materials; and all personnel responded quickly and appropriately to my various inquiries. Overall, an impressive week.

Cody FurlowFive Star Facebook RatingMay 11, 2017

This class was mind blowing!!! Period. I loved every minute of it. Knowledge is everything! I learned so much and everyone was and is awesome! Thank you so much!

Avniel YisraelFive Star Facebook RatingMarch 21, 2017

The training was awesome! The knowledge, professionalism, and class materials was relevant for today’s market. It was a fast pace environment but yet still significant amount of detail. I am so excited that I joined the CCTG team.

Manjeet MannFive Star Facebook RatingMarch 20, 2017

I real enjoy the last week training . I learned lots. This is real best training. All Trainers were excellent. I would advise anyone want join the CCTG group training they should ASAP than late. I would also like thanks to Mr Kris, Jon, Alex and other Lenders and office people . You all are so good.

George WilliamsFive Star Facebook RatingMarch 20, 2017

My experience this past weekend with CCTG was phenomenal! This is by far the best investment that I have ever made in my life. I would advice anyone who is thinking of join the CCTG financial training class to join ASAP. I do not regret my decision to join and my only wish is that I would have done it sooner. Thanks Kris & John for the training. And I also want to thank Alex, Mike & Christina also…..

Megan KellyFive Star Facebook RatingJanuary 26, 2017

I am so glad we made the right decision of joining CCTG. Kris & Jon are very knowledgable of all the products they offer. I know we are going to do excellent especially with their advice. Great job & WELL DONE! You guys are UNIQUE! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Mark BookerFive Star Facebook RatingNovember 30, 2016

The learning was any eye opener and most valuable.

Iris WilliamsFive Star Facebook RatingJanuary 27, 2017

I’ve just returned from training this January, and I must say the level of training is off the charts. It’ll take a long time to grasp everything I learned, but I was given every benefit possible for success, with ongoing support. I’ve already begun making contacts and am looking forward to a long association with this lovely group. I want to thank you all.

Sean Ohare - Commercial Capital Training Group Review
Sean T OHareFive Star Facebook RatingJuly 26, 2016

I was very apprehensive about the cost of the training and had buyers remorse leading up to the week of training. However, now I am extremely excited to start my new “career”. The training classes were very informative and I certainly learned a great deal. I would recommend the training to anyone that has an interest in learning about brokering commercial capital deals.

Dave Fontana - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Dave FontanaFive Star Facebook RatingApril 18, 2016

Sometime we make decisions and fear what the outcome might be, but we take a shot. I am a super SKEPTICAL person. I don’t trust anyone, nor do I believe anything anyone says. I am a full time real estate investor. I know the commercial lending world from that perspective. As a real estate investor 40% of my job is to find deals, 60% of my job is to find the money for those deals. Class stared at 8:00 am, I was convinced by 9:30 am, that this was one of the best investments I ever made!! Kris and John, FAR exceeded my expectations!!! Two of the smartest guys I ever met!!!

Jess Bar - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Jess BarFive Star Facebook RatingJune 24, 2016

My only regret about CCTG is that my partner and I did not engage with them sooner! We found them about 18 months before attending training. Partly because it was not the right time for us to move forward (we were just kicking off another business) but also because we wanted to do as much research as possible on the company to make sure it was not a hoax. After hours of watching online videos, reading articles, exploring other training programs, speaking countless times to our sales rep Mike, as well as connecting with past graduates regarding their experiences, we decided that now was the time to take the leap and attend CCTG’s training course. What sold us was the consistency between everyone’s stories. What CCTG says you’ll receive, that is exactly what you get AND MORE – so it obviously did not disappoint!

From first contact the crew has been a wealth of knowledge and support, showing true interest in each student’s success and making every one of us feel like a priority. My partner and I have no previous commercial finance experience, which was a little bit intimidating walking in to our classroom on the first day, but it did not take long to realize that we were in very good hands!

The training is well thought out and presented in a way that is very tangible, regardless what your background was up until that point. The information that you learn and take home with you is vast; you can tell Kris, Jon, and the team have not left any stone unturned to ensure that every graduate would be prepared to kick off their business once they returned home. We learned so much – this special group of people really earned our admiration and respect!

One of the best parts about this training so far is how willing everyone is to be helpful. We were very happy to find that every single lender, trainer, and member of the marketing team that we met is eager to share their knowledge and ‘tricks’ of the trade. My partner and I loved the environment they’ve built in Albany and honestly did not want to leave when it was over.

After attending the training we are extremely confident that this was the best business decision we have made yet and to know that CCTG will continue to have our backs is extremely valuable peace of mind.

Thank you CCTG! You have changed our lives!

Scott Wright - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Scott WrightFive Star Facebook RatingJanuary 25, 2016

My wife and I just completed the 6 day training and it was worth every penny. If you want to know how to run and successfully own a commercial finance company this is a must attend class no matter what your level of experience.

Bob Zhu - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Bob ZhuFive Star Facebook RatingMarch 3, 2016

CCTG is a great program and if you have the opportunity I definitely recommend that you take that chance. The Kris and Jon as well as their trainers and instructors were very helpful and energetic. They cover a lot of material and ensure that you understand that content all within a week long course. This is a fundamental key in starting your own commercial financing business. You will make many connections. This was a great experience.

Bob Zhu - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Omar BennettFive Star Facebook RatingJanuary 28, 2016

The entire team at CCTG provided a very high quality, content rich and well executed training program. It’s hard to believe the class was only 6 days! Those 6 days contained lifetimes of knowledge and experience in this industry. My wife and I highly recommend this program.

William Dameron - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
William DameronFive Star Facebook RatingJanuary 26, 2016

Highly detailed, information packed course to help you become a commercial loan broker. With a product for every type of financing a business owner could need, this sets you up for success like nothing else. I can’t recommend this training program enough. Thanks.

Elliot Horowitz - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Elliot HorowitzFive Star Facebook RatingSeptember 29, 2015

CCTG is a tremendous program which I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about going into the commercial finance business. I’m amazed at how much I learned in the (intensive) 6 days I spent at the training in Albany. But beyond the knowledge, I have the connections made with the lenders, the format for my business being set up (I just finished 2 days ago), great support on an as-needed basis, marketing apparatus in place, with the knowledge about how to do my own marketing as well, and the encouragement given to get that process going. Beyond all of that, Kris and his team are generous in their support, are caring about their students’ success, professional in their approach, and present a high level of integrity. And they’re great people as well.

Glenda Francis - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Glenda FrancisFive Star Facebook RatingMarch 30, 2015

Intensive 6-day commercial finance training taught by successful commercial financiers, who are energetic, friendly and kind. The information is relevant and can be applied immediately. Great class, great people.

John E. Moore - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
John E. MooreFive Star Facebook RatingOctober 1, 2015

Just completed the September 2015 training class at CCTG. The class was was professional, well organized and content filled. An exceptional presentation for anyone pursuing a career in commercial lending. We were introduced to lenders and products that would be very difficult to assimilate without the assistance of CCTG. Looking forward to the continuing marketing and product knowledge support provided by CCTG.

Teresa Bueno - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Teresa BuenoFive Star Facebook RatingJuly 27, 2015

Best value I have encountered in a very long time! CCTG for exceeded my expectations in both quality and quantity of material and information. Many thanks, Kris and Jon!

Joey Morales - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Joey MoralesFive Star Facebook RatingNovember 29, 2014

I’m getting ready for the training!!! Can’t wait to be the ambitious and successful in this business. Cause my goal is to donate 10% of my yearly income to my favorite charity… The Mental Health Association Oklahoma.

Toby Potter - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Toby PotterFive Star Facebook RatingFebruary 20, 2015

Awesome company! Best group of people to work with who have their ducks in order!

Lisa Tapp - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Lisa TappFive Star Facebook RatingApril 30, 2015

Great training and well worth the time & money investment in yourself!

Peter Barbera - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Peter BarberaFive Star Facebook RatingFebruary 23, 2015

Very intense, comprehensive and just an all around great training program. I feel very fortunate to have met the CCTG team, and I’m looking forward to a great working relationship.

Rita Bautista - Commercial Capital Training Group Facebook Review
Rita BautistaFive Star Facebook RatingMarch 30, 2015

Far exceeded my expectations. Outstanding company!

Joe OduahFive Star Facebook RatingNovember 16, 2015
Joel ChristianFive Star Facebook RatingJuly 28, 2015
Brittney AnneFive Star Facebook RatingApril 21, 2015
Ashley VeltriFive Star Facebook RatingApril 15, 2015
Justin FreedmanFive Star Facebook RatingDecember 10, 2013