The Reason Why This Is A Lucrative Business

"How Billionaires Get Rich:
Which Industries Make
The Most Mega-Fortunes"

#1. Finance and Investments: 267 billionaires

— FORBES Article

"The 16 Industries Most Likely To Make You A Millionaire"

#1: Financial Services

— Business Insider Article

The Reason Why This Is A Lucrative Business

Millions Upon Millions of Businesses Cannot Access Capital

Businesses are always in constant need of capital. Whether it is capital to expand, make payroll, purchase equipment or just need working capital for operations, business owners are always trying to find a lending source. This is where you come in. Join our program and start a new lucrative business opportunity today.

The statistics don’t lie: The key facts below prove why this industry is one of the most lucrative business opportunities to be in because of what you’ll be able to provide. These figures were taken in 2006 when the economy was good and have doubled in the last five years. The fact is this problem always exists with very few people knowing what to do, until they meet you. “Business owners are good at running their business, not at procuring capital for it”, Founder of CCTG.

Commercial Finance Industry Facts

  • There are more than 24 million small businesses in America(1).
  • Each year more than 10 million seek funding(1)
  • Each year more than 7 million do not receive it(1)
  • Credit Cards & Credit Lines – “Banks & Lenders will pull $2.7 Trillion in outstanding credit lines by the end of this year.” (2)

(1) Source: White House Small Business Agenda, National Small Business Association –businesses less than $3 million in revenue
(2) Source: Meredith Whitney Advisory Group

Not only will you have access to banks, lenders, private investors and private investment firms that can approve the majority of loans that traditional banks turn down, you will have some lenders that can offer better rates and terms than traditional banks. You will also have lenders that can solve these common problems business owners face with banks today. What this means is that you will have extremely competitive programs for businesses with great credit and financials.

$260K Commission From A Multi-Million Dollar Deal

In late 2013, Mr. Richman received an email inquiry on his website from an individual in Thailand seeking funding for a $26 Million dollar development project that involved the construction of luxury homes in the Philippines. With the assistance of CCTG support, Mr. Richman’s connections and a fair amount of time and hard work, Mr. Richman was able to close the deal and receive a commission check for $260K.

Joint Small Business Credit Survey

The Federal Reserve Banks of New York, Atlanta, Cleveland and Philadelphia recently released a new survey report with a vast amount of data as to the struggles that business owners go through when trying to secure financing. This study presents some very interesting recurrences that seem to be affecting business owners throughout the nation. We have gone ahead and highlighted certain aspects of the report within this page to support why owning your own commercial financing company is a lucrative business.

Top Challenge By Business Broken Down By Years In Business

What we see here is that no matter how mature a business is, a common theme among businesses is that they experience Lack of credit availability and uneven cash flow.

Top Reasons For Denial Of Loan Applications

You will have lenders that don’t even take credit score in consideration and lenders that will lend to business owners with very low credit scores

Low Credit Score

You will have lenders through our program that lend to businesses with very little or no collateral.

Insufficient Collateral

You will have access to lenders that will lend to weak performing businesses through our training.

Weak Business Performance

We have lenders that don’t require financials from a business.

Weak/Missing Financial Document

You are the bond between your client and our lender.

No Relationship with Lender


The bottom line is after going through our commercial loan broker training, your lucrative business will be able to offer more alternative lending solutions than any one bank in the country. Do not think that people who have obtained financing in the past for multi-million dollar projects are immune to the credit crunch. It expands to the small business owner, as well as, the $100 million dollar commercial real estate investor. Fact: One of our private lenders has funded over 30 Billion dollars in transactions post 2008 credit crunch and has funded over 7 Billion in 2011.

Impact Of Denial

Delayed Business Expansion
Used Personal Sources Of Funding
Prevented The Ability To Fulfill Existing Orders
Did Not Hire New Employees
No Impact


There is no other lucrative business that operates in a larger industry

With your unique and complete finance business model representing a multitude of innovative capital solutions from lenders that can approve a majority of what banks turn down, your potential client base is virtually unlimited with very little competition. Each financial product or instrument that you will have in your arsenal to offer your clients makes up a billion if not a trillion dollar market for each product! Being that you’ll have over 35 different products that is 35 x a billion or trillion dollars.

Graduate Lands $68K Commission From One Deal

This graduate reported to us that he just closed a deal for a commercial building with one of our commercial real estate bridge lenders he met through our program. The current bank would not renew their current loan to the existing client and they reached out to our graduate. Through patience and dedication our graduate helped the real estate investor get a refinance loan on their current property and did it in 15 days.

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