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Own A Finance BusinessEver wonder how to start a finance company? Are looking to be a part of one of the most lucrative industries in business? If you are interested in owning your own finance business, then this is the commercial finance program for you.

A lot of people reach a point in their careers where they become fed up working for someone else. They also may feel a lack of control because of many “what if?” situations. What if the company downsizes my position or I am unable to build a better life for my family? What if I am not earning what I should be? How much of life am I missing by putting in 40 plus hour work weeks away from family and friends? Will I ever get to enjoy life on my terms before I’m too old to follow my dreams?

Questions like the ones above keep many people awake at night. It drives them to go into business for themselves. Unfortunately, many people are unsure which business is right for them. They do not have the appropriate training and mentors. This delays their venture into the world of business ownership. Maybe it is time to start your own finance company. We are the premium educators in training individuals on how to set up a finance company.

We Train You How To Start A Loan Broker Business

Our commercial loan broker training exists for finance entrepreneurs who want take that big step into the world of business ownership. CCTG provides complete training for entrepreneurs in the fields of commercial finance, business ownership and much more. This opportunity enables entrepreneurial business owners, such as yourself, the ability to start your own finance company. To have a firm hold on how to handle money, reinvest capital, and still rake in a healthy profit to stay successful.

CCTG focuses on the field of commercial finance, under the universal premise that businesses and commercial real estate investors – large and small – are always in need of capital. Many times, banks cannot offer the money these businesses or investors need in the necessary time frame or at all.

CCTG trains people in every aspect of business and commercial real estate finance in order to bring business owners, real estate investors and lenders together. This connection helps to get people the money they need through your finance business. Those trained by CCTG often bring home more money from one deal than most people bring home in a single year of working for someone else.

Commercial Capital Training Group Review

Superior and Continuous Commercial Loan Broker Training

We train you to handle business and real estate financing ranging from thousands on up to multi-million dollar deals. You will learn everything about different types of business loans and alternative lending options. These financing options are sometimes more competitive than banks for business and commercial real estate financing.

Even when you have completed your thorough training, CCTG will introduce you to their panel of commercial lenders. Your finance business will have access to 1-on-1 help and mentors in case you ever need assistance.

CCTG’s resources comprise a team of financial professionals with over 75 years of experience, and are always available to you – day and night – so that you can achieve financial independence, own your own finance business, and earn the income you deserve so you can start living your dreams now, instead of putting them off until retirement.

Owning Your Own Finance Business

After you complete our commercial loan broker training, you can make that giant leap from working for other people to owning your own finance business. This allows you the freedom and financial independence you are searching for.

You can open an office or work out of your home. This allows you the ability to set your own schedule and work with clients based on what fits your lifestyle the best. You will also be empowered in ways you have never been when working for anyone else. You will get to approve and finance deals that banks decline while being more competitive on rates and structures on what banks do approve, thereby drawing in more clients to you.

Like A Franchise, But Better

Many people look to a franchise business as a way to achieve financial independence. They like that a franchise company provides training, assistance, and everything needed to start up a business. The drawbacks to franchise businesses is that business owners are always beholden to the parent company. Many franchise opportunities have a very “hands off” approach to things once the business is up and running.

There are no ongoing franchise fees, no marketing costs for a time being, no limitations to geographic location and absolutely no restrictions on how to run your business.

CCTG is very much like a franchise business in that we will provide complete commercial finance training and resources. This is in order for you to start your own finance business, but that business is yours to own. We create your very own brand and build that brand from the ground up. This is specifically designed to meet your business mission and objectives.

Where CCTG also sets itself apart is that, even though you are running your business, we are always available to you. From training materials to personal sessions. We help you troubleshoot any aspect of your operation that doesn’t seem to be working. Our team also assists with getting lenders and business owners to reaching an agreement, ensuring you get the appropriate fees, and anything else you need. You will also have an innovative marketing team that understands your finance business working behind the scenes for your finance business depending on which package you choose.

How To Start Your Own Finance Company

The Commercial Capital Training Group knows that all business owners and commercial real estate investors need money. Due to federal restrictions on banks, or perhaps the available collateral or credit score of a business, most business owners or real estate investors cannot get the capital they need through conventional methods.

As a finance business owner trained by CCTG, you will be able to work with these business owners to connect them with lenders and investors. This allows you to work out a commercial financing deal that will be amenable to all parties.

Once the deal closes you can earn very high commissions. Commissions that sometimes can be in the six-figure range. Depending on the deal, you can also bring in a residual income. This source of additional income will pay you month after month for years to come.

Add to that the ability to work on your own schedule, and that your clients will keep you in mind for any future financial projects, and you will be well on your way to achieving financial independence in a much shorter time than most entrepreneurs and franchise owners.

CCTG will give you all of the tools you need, plus any additional support – day or night – to ensure your success. All you need to do is take that step away from a lifetime of working for others and start living and working on your terms.

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