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Franchises For Under $100k Article Summary:

Franchises Under 100K

Find The Right Franchise Under $100,000 For You

Franchises Under 100KIt is no small secret that the entry cost of franchise opportunities is proportional to the potential revenues, but most product-oriented franchises do not yield the profits that some entrepreneurs are seeking.

If potential franchise owners are looking for home-based and service-oriented franchises with potentially high profits, then they might want to look at franchise opportunities under 100K.

We have generated a list of some of the top new franchise opportunities available to entrepreneurs ready to own their own business.

Franchise for under 100k: Visiting Angels

With people growing old and many choosing to stay in their own homes over managed care facilities, Visiting Angels has practically cornered the market in senior living assistance that actually generates jobs in communities. With an initial investment of around $65K, Visiting Angels helps senior citizens with day-to-day living, offering assistance with chores and tasks to improve their quality of living. A Visiting Angels franchise offers great profit potential, but the company’s mission of offering a great service is what makes it one of the top franchises under 100K.

Franchise for under 100k: Wow 1 Day Painting

Wow 1 Day Painting offers people an easy (and fast) solution to scouring Craigslist for painters who might take days to complete a painting project. As the name implies, Wow 1 Day Painting offers both commercial and residential painting services that are completed in a single day. The initial investment is on the higher end of the franchise scale ($90K), but with a service that goes above and beyond anything a private contractor can offer, Wow 1 Day Painting franchise owners being in tremendous profits that far outweigh the initial investment. This is one of the best franchise opportunities under 100K available today.

Franchise for under 100k: Unishippers

For over a quarter of a century, Unishippers has been working with small and medium-sized businesses to offer to offer shipping services all over the United States. The secret is a close partnership with UPS, and because of the B2B model, having a storefront is unnecessary. At the low end of the investment scale, Unishippers has an initial cost of $55K, and residual income is built up with each contract for service with another business. With a low investment and a constant stream of income, Unishippers makes the list of franchises under 100K.

Franchise for under 100k: Signal 88

Signal 88 provides security for individuals, businesses, and residential communities. Founded by law enforcement officials and offering confidential contracts and thorough training, Signal 88 has been ranked as one of the top franchise opportunities under 100K – ranked in the top 10% of military-friendly jobs by offering positions to veterans and other professionals in law enforcement. With citizens and business owners looking to offer the added assurance of safety, Signal 88 ranks as the one of the best. The initial cost is around $85K, and the franchise can be operated from a home office.

Franchise for under 100k:  Mosquito Shield

The pest population is on the rise, and both residential and commercial property owners are looking to Mosquito Shield to eliminate mosquitoes in an environmentally-friendly manner. Mosquito Shield is one of the best franchise opportunities under 100K because they offer a natural solution to getting rid of mosquitoes as well as a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Mosquito Shield is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable business that offers great support and streamlines operations so that it does not take long to generate healthy profits.

Business Opportunity For Under 100K

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) consistently makes the list of best franchises under 100K because of the low startup cost (well under the $20K mark), and the fact that they do not operate like a franchise. CCTG offers training and around the clock support for anyone in the program, but does not have the royalty fees and branding costs that other franchise operations require. CCTG trains entrepreneurs to be commercial finance brokers, and the profit potential is limitless. CCTG professionals can run their operations out of the home, and set their own schedule. The Commercial Capital Training Group teaches people how to close deals for profits of multiple thousands of dollars while also building up residual revenue streams so that they can achieve financial independence and work smarter, not harder.

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