New Franchise Opportunities

Guide To New Franchise Opportunities and Things To Consider

New Franchise Opportunities | Commercial Capital Training GroupFor people looking to launch their own businesses for the very first time, yet want support and guidance from someone who has been through the process before, there are new franchise opportunities everywhere.

New franchise opportunities give emerging entrepreneurs the change to start a business from scratch, with the added benefits of training, marketing, branding, and support provided by the franchisor.

New franchise opportunities give those new to the world of entrepreneurship a tried and tested business model that has been developed over decades and honed into a science so that franchise owners can run their operations with minimal effort, and enjoy their revenue.

Picking New Franchise Opportunities

When looking at new franchise opportunities, there are three major schools of thought. The first is to get an easily recognizable brand name. After all, a popular franchise company already has a customer base, and will draw in customers because they know what to expect.

The most successful franchises in the world did not get where they are by providing inconsistent services and products, and have earned the trust of the people because of it. To use a stereotypical example, when you talk about McDonald’s, people everywhere know what they sell – they did not become the “ambassador to the world” by offering other than easily accessible products, and a business model designed for success.

The second approach is to jump into new franchise opportunities that offer very niche products and services. The reasoning behind this is that if they pick one of the many franchise opportunities that are off the beaten path, then there will not be much (if any) industry competition in a given location.

By offering consistent services and goods at a very affordable price, there is little room for similar franchises to take root without cutting into their own profit margins, and there is ample room for growth to expand your own operation into franchises in the surrounding area.

The third school of thought is to seek extremely practical new franchise opportunities that offer goods and services people need, rather than want. Driving this philosophy is a survival instinct borne from those who have witnessed huge economic downturns in the past decade (and going back even further).

When there is a recession, or the stock market drops considerably, people tighten their belts and their wallets. The “fun” franchises might see a drop in sales, while those that customers feel they cannot do without – such as automotive, fitness, pest control, cleaning, delivery services, and similar franchises – will maintain steady revenue. This goes along with what financial experts call “recession-proof business models.”

The Franchise Model Is Very Diverse

The days when franchise opportunities were only associated with fast food are a thing of the past. While restaurant franchises are still a major powerhouse in the world of franchises, the model has diversified greatly.

There are new franchise opportunities for restaurants ranging from fast food to family and fine dining; computer repair franchises; healthcare franchises; business services; lawn care and landscaping; advertising and sign manufacturing; and many more. If you have an interest, hobby, or field of expertise, then there are new franchise opportunities available for you.

The Best New Franchise Opportunities

We have taken the time to comb over new franchise opportunities that can be easily started by ambitious entrepreneurs, and have compiled a list to give you an idea of what is out there, and to show a wide range of offerings, so you do not necessarily have to go with the old standbys:

Home Repair

Home repair and renovation franchise opportunities encompass a wide range of products and services. There are new franchise opportunities that offer gutter repair, plumbing, pool installation, energy efficient siding and insulation, window repair and replacement, roofing, and much more. Home repair franchises can be anything from sales and distribution, to installation and on-site services, or they may encompass the whole operation from beginning to end. These franchise opportunities fall under the heading of “recession-proof business models” because people everywhere are always improving repairing their homes, and hiring a trustworthy company is a lot easier than doing the work themselves, or taking a chance with an independent contractor.

Events and Catering

With a customer base ranging from children’s birthday parties on up to formal events, business conventions, and trade shows – events and catering franchise opportunities can bring in very good revenue, depending on the specialty. Rather than attempt to coordinate events between separate businesses to supply music, live entertainment, food, and renting event space – events and catering franchises usually have the inroads and connections to get everything set up much faster and deliver with higher quality for the price. If you have a good mind for organization and logistics, then this might be a good franchise opportunity for you.

[/product_feature][product_feature title_color=”#be9f2a” title_font_size=”22″ description_color=”#555555″ description_font_size=”14″ icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#1a398b” icon_size=”22″ title=”Health and Gourmet Foods”]More people are eating healthy and there are franchises out there that embrace the idea that food that is good for you does not have to skimp on taste or quality. There are a number of health and gourmet food vendors and distributors looking offering new franchise opportunities for burgeoning entrepreneurs to offer a tasty and nutritious alternative to the usual snacks and junk food on the market today. This is a very niche market with a lot of growth potential, and ranks in lists as one of the top franchise industries on the rise.

Kids’ Fitness and Martial Arts

Everywhere we look, children are being encouraged to get away from the computer and television screens and get some physical exercise. Childhood obesity is a problem, and there are franchises out there that offer safe places for parents and kids alike to not only get exercise, but also learn martial arts. These new franchise opportunities understand the health benefits of exercise, and by offering even the most basic martial arts training, children are learning self-defense and the mental discipline to perform better in all aspects of life. While this type of franchise does require a physical location with lots of open space (as opposed to a home-based franchise), the customer base is large with little competition in a given area. Business owners who open this type of franchise get a lot of good will for offering an outlet for children and parents in the community (and surrounding neighborhoods), as well as a very healthy and steady revenue.

Learning Centers

New franchise opportunities in the field of learning centers offer everything ranging from tutoring for both children and adult learners, as well as trade and certification schools, for those who want to improve their viability in a competitive job market. Learning center franchises do require a physical location, up-to-date computers, equipment, and teaching materials. However, there is never a shortage of people who either need assistance with their current classes, or who want to pick up extra skills to advance in their careers.

Storage Space

While self-storage franchises have been a very profitable mainstay for years, because of the low maintenance and relatively passive income, there are new franchise opportunities opening up in the realm of personal storage. Personal storage franchises offer everything from affordable modular shelving and custom built closet space, on up to providing entire sheds and outbuilding for home and business owners. Depending on the scale of the operation, these franchises can have a low initial investment on up to needing entire showrooms for all of the personal and industrial storage models offered by the franchise. Homeowners and businesses are always looking out for high quality storage items, and the new franchises in this field are growing and offer great revenue opportunities for prospective franchisees.

Commercial Finance

Commercial finance is a recession-proof industry made up of lenders, business owners, and commercial real estate investors. There is always room for prospective entrepreneurs to make nearly unlimited earnings by bringing business owner and lenders together to work out agreements to get people the financing they need to launch new companies, acquire real estate, or grow existing businesses. This is a very exclusive field because there are so few qualified and trained individuals who know how to communicate between two parties to ensure everyone is happy. Because of this, commercial finance professionals have unlimited business opportunities available by offering their services to lenders and business owners, and taking a percentage of the agreement once the contracts are finalized. With just a few successful agreements, most commercial finance professionals make more than than the average business owner does in a year, and they get to set their own schedules, and maximize their personal time.

Own A Finance Business

The Commercial Capital Training group gives people the training and tools they need to launch successful careers as commercial finance professionals – with little overhead and the ability to work out of a home office. And much like a franchise, the Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) will provide marketing and branding for your business, plus 24/7 support to answer all of your questions, or help you get lenders and business owners to agree on a deal.

We provide the courses on the various types of financing, provide the financial resources, and give you access to our board of lenders. Additionally, your business is your own – your company name, your logo, your areas of expertise, and your profits. Unlike franchises, you own your business, and can take pride in knowing that your success and rewards are yours.

If you would like to know more about this unique business opportunity with nearly unlimited profitability, contact the Commercial Capital Training Group today.

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