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Finance Resources With Commercial Capital Training GroupWhen people start to discuss the field of finance, the conversation can often become filled with seemingly alien terms such as “seller carry options,” “merchant cash advances,” and a whole host of others that can make finance information seem confusing and intimidating, at first blush. However, with a little guidance, anyone can break down finance terminology into its most basic parts, and get a fairly clear understanding of everything that is being discussed.

Business Finance

Almost any business needs financing. Sometimes, entrepreneurs need working capital in order to get their ideas off the ground. Other times, business owners need a little extra money in order to complete an internal project, or to expand to start bringing in more revenue. Whatever the case may be, there are two major methods for getting that working capital. The first method is conventional lending, which comprises everything from small business loans on up to major commercial real estate loans – all of which are processed by major financial institutions and banks. The second method is alternative lending. Alternative lending (or alternative finance) is made up of every type of lending from unsecured lines of credit, to merchant cash advances, kickstarters, and dozens of other methods to get business owners the money they need. Unlike conventional lending applications, which take time to process, and more often than not are rejected (most banks only approve a little over 35% of all loan applications) – alternative business financing has multiple methods to structure a solution for business owners, and the details of the contract (payment, interest rates, payback time line, etc.) can usually be negotiated before the contract is signed.

Commercial Finance Benefits Everyone

As stated before, banks are really restricted by the amount of money they can lend, the qualifications necessary for business owners to get that money, as well as rigid payment and interest guidelines. Alternative commercial financing gives both lenders and business owners greater agency to discuss how payments will be made, where the money is going within the business once it is acquired, interest rates, and anything else that needs to be included in the deal. Private lenders make money by helping out business owners where banks cannot. Business owners benefit because they are able to get the working capital they need in a timely fashion in order to grow their companies. People who act as commercial finance brokers benefit greatly because they make money by bringing all the parties to the table in order to reach a solution.

Entering The World Of Finance

The world of finance is a very wide field with a lot of depth to it. However, one can make a very successful career out of focusing on one aspect of business finance without having to spend a lifetime working in stressful banking positions or earning multiple degrees in finance and economics. With that in mind, once does not enter the field of finance without at least some knowledge of how things work. Most people who are looking to make successful careers in the world of finance take courses (either formal or online tutorials) in economics, accounting, an overview of the lending process, and how to get working capital from private lenders when the banks cannot provide a viable solution. Some people go so far as to get certifications in various financial fields (public accounting, loan officers, real estate lenders, collateral assessment, etc.) in order to seem more attractive to clients after they establish their own businesses. No one will ever know everything, but it never hurts to learn as much as you can about the field in which you earn your money.

Finance Training

While no one needs to be the CEO of a major bank to earn lots of money in the field of business finance, a little formal training is always helpful to ensure success. The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) offers low-tuition training in the field of business finance from a group of professionals with over 75 years of experience. CCTG gives you all of the tools and training in order to understand accounting and financing concepts, and CCTG gives you the guidance to start up your own finance business in the field of commercial finance in order to bring entrepreneurs and lenders together so that they can structure a financing solution and so that you get paid for your services. CCTG not only gives you expert training in finance, but they will introduce you to their panel of lenders, as well as off one-on-one support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to keep you on the road to success and to overcome any problems that may crop up throughout your journey to financial independence. If you are curious about how to make the world of finance work for you, and you want to become your own boss and enjoy life and success on your terms, take a look at what the Commercial Capital Training Group can do for you today.

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