Essential Business & Financial Calculators

List Of The Best Online Financial Calculators For Business Owners

Financial Calculators | Commercial Capital Training GroupWith every business comes finance. With all finance comes math. With math comes equations, numbers, and formulas that can all easily get mixed up. Here is a list of online business and financial calculators that will make computing and crunching numbers for your business much more accurate and efficient.

Buy vs. Lease Calculator

This equipment lease calculator allows you to consider asset cost, lease term (months), month in which lease begins and year in which lease begins. It is a great calculator to establish whether you should buy or lease equipment for your business.

Asset Allocation Calculator

The asset allocation calculator is a powerful online tool to assist you with creating a balanced portfolio of investments. Characteristics like your age, risk toleration  and several other factors assist with calculating a beneficial mix of stocks, bonds and capital.

Debt Consolidation Calculator

The debt consolidation calculator assists individuals with establishing if debt consolidation is right for them. You can add in your current loan amounts, credit card balances and other outstanding debt. Once this information is added, you can then calculate to find out what monthly amount would be for a consolidated loan.

Investment Calculator

The investment calculator lets you enter in items such as, starting balance, annual rate of return, monthly contribution and the amount of years you will be contributing. Once all this information is entered, you are presented with a value of how much your investment will be worth.

Loan Payment Calculator

This small business loan calculator is a great online tool when trying to establish your monthly payment on a small business loan. This simple calculator allows you to add the loan amount, interest rate and term in months then calculate the monthly payment.

Break-Even Point Calculator

The break-even point for a business is when the sales threshold increases above a certain point to reflect a profit. This calculator allows you to determine the break-even point for both total sales and the number of units sold. By entering your fixed costs, sales price per unit and variable cost per unit you can calculate your break-even point.

Financial Ratio Calculator

The financial ratio calculator can help you figure out areas of your business that need improvement. Financial ratios such as liquidity, efficiency and profitability compared to your competition can provide insights on the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Business Value Calculator

The business value calculator was created to provide a broad estimate of the worth of a business. By factoring in a variety of primary variables such as market environment, annual operating profit, costs not present after sales, new costs after sale, debts and assets.

Inventory Analysis

This inventory calculator assists you with determining how much inventory you should keep in stock and when to place orders. Once you have calculated everything, you will be presented with the results of efficient inventory levels, while maintaining an adequate safety stock.

Working Capital Needs

This calculator is purposed to establish your short-term payment obligations such as accounts payable and inventory purchases. If the working capital of your business decreases, you take the risk of running out of cash. This capital needs calculator helps determine your capital needs for the upcoming year.

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