Home Based Franchises

Consider These Four Things When Starting A Home Based Franchise

home-based-franchisesWhen entrepreneurs are researching franchise opportunities, some find themselves leaning toward home based franchises over the more traditional brick and mortar businesses.

There are many reasons people prefer home based franchises, and with the many options available to emerging business owners, going in a non-traditional direction may be exactly the business model that’s right for you.

[product_feature title_color=”#be9f2a” title_font_size=”22″ description_color=”#555555″ description_font_size=”14″ icon=”fa-check” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#1a398b” icon_size=”22″ title=”Low Investment”]Unlike brick and mortar franchises, which require leasing property, zoning permits, and licenses, home based franchises are designed to be fairly “turn key” operations, with a great potential for income, that can be run with very little investment, time, or restrictions. As an example, most fast food franchises have a low-end entry level investment of around $60K, and that’s not counting insurance policies, payroll for other staff members, and everything else that is involved with running a restaurant. With a home based franchise business, the investment cost is usually limited to training materials, accounting software (a recommended cost for any type of business), and an internet connection.[/product_feature][product_feature title_color=”#be9f2a” title_font_size=”22″ description_color=”#555555″ description_font_size=”14″ icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#1a398b” icon_size=”22″ title=”Low Staffing Costs”]Brick and mortar franchises usually require that you hire people, which not only takes money out of your income for training, but also payroll in general. This can be tough when business owners are first starting out, and trying to pay off their initial investment while also making payroll. Home based franchise opportunities do not require staff expenditures, but entrepreneurs should be prepared to wear many hats. From management to accounting, logistics, and even sales and customer service, business owners will be doing it all – but that also means big savings that would otherwise coming out of your pocket on a weekly basis.[/product_feature][product_feature title_color=”#be9f2a” title_font_size=”22″ description_color=”#555555″ description_font_size=”14″ icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#1a398b” icon_size=”22″ title=”Lack of Distractions”]Many entrepreneurs become business owners to leave the “rat race” behind them. However, if someone opens a franchise and spends each day dealing with a morning commute, staffing issues that might arise, as well as any problems with the structure of the building the business is run out of (leaks, electrical work, broken heaters, etc.) – then those business owners might have traded their initial headaches for new ones. But with home franchise opportunities, you can create that quiet space – free of distractions and full of those things that make for a motivating environment – so that you can focus on growing your business and raking in the profits.[/product_feature][product_feature title_color=”#be9f2a” title_font_size=”22″ description_color=”#555555″ description_font_size=”14″ icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#1a398b” icon_size=”22″ title=”You Are Accountable For Your Success”]When you make the leap to make a home based franchise idea into a reality, you are making yourself accountable for your successes. No longer will operations get held up by employees calling out, e-mail not being received, or people getting held up in meetings or traffic. The entire business is streamlined and the only person you have to report to is, well, you. You set your schedule. You take care of sales and accounting. The bottom line is that your success with a home based franchise is dependent on how much you are willing to put into the operation, and while you may wear many hats, at the end of the day, you can sleep knowing your successful business is due to your efforts, and you can now enjoy the fruits of your labor.[/product_feature]

Home Based Finance Business

If you are looking for home based franchise ideas, and are looking for a business that give you everything you need to start turning big profits, consider the Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG).

From training and resources, to putting you in touch with a network of lenders and investors, CCTG will help you set up a home based business where you are in complete control. CCTG focuses on businesses that need money, and training you to bring those businesses in touch with investors and lenders to make the magic happen. When a deal is made, you reap the rewards in the form of a broker’s fees, and any additional payments that are worked into the deal. CCTG will also give you full access to their resources through every step of the process, so you are never at a loss for a solution that will please all parties involved.

If you are ready to make that step into the world of home business opportunities, check out CCTG. Success is right around the corner, from the comfort of your home.