Top 4 Franchise Opportunities for 2021

2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our economy in a number of ways, and forced us all to rethink how we do business. While we are still dealing with the pandemic in 2021, things are opening up for businesses, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Between furloughs and seeing how many businesses were impacted over the past year, many people are looking to embrace entrepreneurship and take control of their own financial destinies. The easiest way to do that is by buying into franchise opportunities, because they offer a turnkey method and lots of support to ensure success.

COVID-19 and Franchise Opportunities

The best way to approach franchise opportunities is with a forward-thinking mindset. Ask yourself, “Will this franchise be sustainable in an economic downturn or a pandemic like the situation we experienced in 2020?” There are franchises in what are classified as “essential industries” that were able to generate lots of revenue when others were closing their doors, and are growing as the economy recovers. Those franchises include:

Commercial Cleaning: Commercial cleaning is and will always be a mainstay franchise opportunity, because businesses and residential buildings need maintenance work, and with new standards in the wake of COVID-19, their work is needed now more than ever.
Shipping: During the pandemic, people and businesses alike shifted to e-commerce. For businesses, this allowed them to make sales while lowering overhead on physical establishments. For customers, e-commerce provided convenience and piece of mind. Shipping products to customers is not going to slow down anytime soon, and e-commerce is a major part of the freight industry. A shipping franchise is a good bet in any economic climate.
Telemedicine: Not much news was given to the breakthroughs of telehealth and telemedicine until 2020. Being able to diagnose and treat people over a laptop, smartphone, or tablet allowed healthcare providers to treat patients while minimizing risk and increasing efficiency. Telemedicine franchises are going to be big investment opportunities moving forward.

The Number One Franchise Opportunity

The one thing businesses need, regardless of whether the economy is down or if we’re in the middle of a boom, is capital. As banks tightened their requirements on business loans and lowered the amounts given to borrowers, the demand for capital was through the roof – and that demand will grow even more as the economy recovers! So how can entrepreneurs get in on providing capital to business owners and commercial real estate investors with a recession-resistant opportunity?

Watch the video above as Kris Roglieri, CEO and President of Commercial Capital Training Group, explains the Top 4 Franchise Opportunities of 2021 and find out!