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Most Profitable Franchises

Most Profitable FranchisesInvesting into the most profitable franchises may cost more than your average franchise, but the payoff is worth it.

Emerging entrepreneurs who are shopping around for franchise opportunities are most likely trying to find that perfect balance of working in an interesting field, low investment costs, and high profit. We have compiled a list of some of the most profitable franchises.

So if you plan on investing in a franchise opportunity, we highly recommend that you review the following businesses that have opted to franchise out their successful business models.

Franchises: Most Profitable

Franchises: Most Profitable — Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels provides assistance to senior citizens who would rather live in their own homes than managed facilities, but who still need help with certain day-to-day tasks. Visiting angels has a moderate startup cost of around $65K, but the franchise business has a great reputation for creating jobs in any given location, and the brand is trusted by seniors. Individual Visiting Angels operations are very profitable franchises, reporting gross revenues upwards of $1 million annually.

Franchises: Most Profitable — Cruise Planners

As the name implies, Cruise Planners helps people get great deals on luxury cruise vacations. Cruise Planners is considered an extremely profitable franchise company because, even though franchise owners can set their own hours and work out of their own homes, the cruise industry grosses over $75 billion annually, and even “part time” vacation planners see huge profits, even in the first year. Investing in Cruise Planners comes at a cost just shy of $10K, with franchise owners earning many times that within the first new months.

Franchises: Most Profitable — Weed Man Lawn Care

The Weed Man franchise is rated top in lawn care franchises in the United States. While the initial investment can be steep (north of $100K), franchise owners report average gross revenues of more than half a million dollars, with the top earners grossing roughly $1.5 million in sales each year. Weed Man is considered one of the most profitable lawn care franchises in existence, with a brand name that is equated with the highest quality service around.

Franchises: Most Profitable — McDonald’s

The name if almost synonymous with franchise ownership. With the prolific rate at which they spring up, owning a McDonald’s franchise can cost upwards of $500K, depending on the location. With a business model that has been streamlined and refined over the decades, McDonald’s consistently makes the lists of profitable franchises, with the average unit making $1 million to $2.5 million in gross sales, annually. Despite all the jokes, most McDonald’s franchise owners are laughing all the way to the bank.

Franchises: Most Profitable — H&R Block Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is a very profitable business with no shortage of customers. With an initial investment of roughly $10K, H&R Block franchise owners report gross earning of around $80K annually. H&R Block is associated by most people as the go-to company for tax preparation and other accounting matters. There are few competing franchises in tax preparation, and even fewer with reputations as solid as H&R Block. For these reasons, H&R Block is considered by many to be one of the most profitable franchises to buy.

Looking For An Opportunity Better Than A Franchise?

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) is a unique business model because it provides all of the training and support of a franchise opportunity, but business owners have the freedom to work from home on their own schedules, and they bypass all of the royalty and marketing fees that other franchises charge.

CCTG trains business owners to be commercial finance professionals, and has an initial investment cost lower than most other franchises. The other factor that makes CCTG an extremely profitable business is that, despite the low initial cost, many business owners can end up grossing six figure sales, plus residual income streams. The Commercial Capital Training Group has a support network of finance professionals available around the clock, seven days a week, and they are committed to making sure emerging financial professionals achieve success, no matter how small or large their financial goals are.

Many people have graduated from the CCTG training program to run their own commercial financing businesses to build up large revenues so they can achieve financial independence and enjoy life while their money works for them, and not the other way around.

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