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Franchise Opportunities Under $50K Article Video Summary:

Franchises Under 50K

Find The Right Franchise Under $50,000 For You

Franchises Under 50KMany prospective franchise owners weigh their options based on the initial investment cost. While it is generally true that the startup price range is proportional to the potential revenues, that cost can be prohibitive to some people who are new to franchise ownership.

If you are interested in acquiring a franchise opportunity that requires a fairly cost effective initial investment, then review the following list we have compiled that highlights some of the best franchise opportunities under 50K.


There will always be a demand for cleaning services, and MaidPro has turned that demand in a very lucrative franchise opportunity for under 50K. With an initial investment of $45K, franchise owners receive thorough training, supplies, marketing, branding, and everything in between. MaidPro trains franchise owners to secure long-term commercial cleaning contracts, which means the revenue potential is very high.

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors

More people are buying real estate, and many of them are going into their investments with a home inspection as a requirement before any money changes hands. Pillar To Post offers trained and licensed home inspectors that are publicly rated and trusted. The initial investment is $34K goes toward marketing, training, licensing, and all the details involved in making thorough and reliable home inspections. Since the residential real estate market is on an upswing, and revenues are much higher than the initial franchise cost, Pillar To Post is a great franchise under 50K.

Payroll Vault

Since the crash of 2008, more companies are realizing the advantages of outsourcing payroll and benefits. Payroll Vault ranks among the top franchise opportunities under 50K because, with a buy-in of $42,000 and training in standardizes payroll and understanding medical benefits, retirement plans, garnished wages, and tax codes – Payroll Vault is geared toward B2B operations, which means that the majority of clients will be business owners with large operations, and satisfying their needs yields great profits.

Happy & Healthy Products

As society shifts toward healthier foods and snacks, grocery stores, specialty food markets, and even convenience stores are looking for alternatives to junk food. Happy & Healthy Products has a successful track record spanning over two decades, and understands that people are willing to pay a little extra for healthy and organic products. This franchise has a base entry cost of $45K, but business owners report profits that quickly have their operations in the black after securing only a few distribution contracts. By providing a product that benefits society as a whole while also being very profitable, Happy & Healthy Products makes our list of the best franchises under 50K.

Glass Guru

Glass Guru has an investment cost of $30K, but they have a recession-proof business model that has had franchise owners raking in profits since 2007. Glass Guru offers repair and replacement of windows and doors on residential properties. As homeowners seek to upgrade their homes to more energy efficient windows, and as accidents happen requiring glass to be replaced, Glass Guru comes out on top as the go-to franchise. With very little industry competition, this is one of the best franchises under 50K.

Business Opportunity For Under 50K

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) teaches emerging business owners how to broker commercial financial agreements between entrepreneurs and private lenders. CCTG provides the training and skills needed, along with a group of experience financial professionals to offer support around the clock, with the added benefits of working out of your own home and on your own schedule.

Commercial financial brokers take percentage fees that are built into the financial agreement, as well as any residual fees, building a passive income in between deals. With a startup cost well below the $20K mark, and the potential to six figure revenues, The Commercial Commerce Training Group is one of the top franchises under 50K.

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