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Franchise Opportunities Under $20k Article video summary:

Franchises Under 20K

Find The Right Franchise For Under $20,000 For You

Franchises Under 20KFranchises attract many emerging entrepreneurs because training, marketing, and branding are provided by the parent company – with the added benefit of a support network from the franchisor. However, many people are apprehensive about buying franchise operations because of the prohibitive investment cost. Luckily, there are many franchise opportunities under 20K that have very successful track records.

We have compiled a list of some of the best franchises to own that require an initial investment of 20K or less to get your business started.

Franchise for Under 20k: Jazzercise

franchise less than 20k - jazzercise
Jazzercise consistently makes the lists of top franchise operations under 20K, with a buy in cost of less than $3,000. Since its inception, Jazzercise offers customers fitness as well as a meeting place, and with the low startup cost, this is a very attractive franchise.

Franchise for Under 20k: Little Caesar’s

franchise opportunity less than 20k - little caeser
Little Caesar’s is a brand that is synonymous with pizza and clever marketing. Little Caesar’s makes the like of franchises under 20K because the total investment to start an operation averages around $10,000. Little Caesar’s sets itself apart from other pizza franchises because they do not have the added cost that comes with in-house delivery services and the software licensing and additional training required to implement online ordering.

Franchise for Under 20k: Ambit Energy

ambit energy - franchises under 20k
Ambit Energy consultants work flexible hours and have potentially high income by helping people save money on utilities and taking advantage of the deregulation in the energy industry, as a whole. The startup cost to join Ambit puts the company on the list of top franchises under $20K, with an investment cost under $600.

Franchise for Under 20k: America’s Tax Office

america's tax office - franchises under 20k
Tax franchises do very well and always have customers. America’s Tax Office is a home-based tax preparation operation that can be run out of the home, and is one of the best franchises under $20K, with an initial investment of around $500. The only drawback to tax preparation businesses is that the bulk of business is seasonal.

Franchise for Under 20k: Cruise One

cruise one - franchises under 20k
Cruise One is a top-rated vacation planning franchise with a starting cost of just under $500. Helping people plan vacations to exotic and domestic locations and getting them great deals on hotels and packages makes Cruise One a great franchise opportunity under $20K.

Franchise for Under 20k: Slip Doctors

Slip Doctors is a very unique franchise for under $20K that has virtually no market competition. With an investment cost of $8,000 and the ability to work from home, Slip Doctors offers branding, marketing, and training so entrepreneurs can bring in revenues that are many times the startup cost.

Franchise for Under 20k: Claim Tek

claim tek a franchise under 20k
At the upper end of the scale, Claim Tek offers medical billing and documentation franchises for the initial cost of $15,000. The majority of the cost is thorough training, HIPAA compliance, and proprietary software, but the upside is that there is a backlog of medical documentation processing, so there is no shortage of revenue or customers. Medical processing is a very lucrative field, which is why Claim Tek makes the list of top franchises under $20K.

Business Opportunity

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) gives people the training and resources they need to become commercial finance professionals. With a very low startup cost, the ability to work a very flexible schedule out of the home, and a support team of investors and financial professionals available day and night, CCTG offers an opportunity similar to a franchise for around $20K.

CCTG trains people to structure financing between business owners and private lenders. Through this process commercial finance professionals come away with multiple thousands of dollars from deals, and the potential revenue is limitless.

The Commercial Capital Training Group gives people the tools they need to achieve financial independence, while bypassing the marketing, branding, and royalty costs that most franchises charge prospective buyers.

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