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Franchise Ideas for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Find The Perfect Franchise Idea To Begin Your Entrepreneurial journey

Franchise IdeasFor emerging entrepreneurs, franchise ideas have a great deal of comfort and ease. A new franchise has the bonus of being “turn key,” with guidelines and fail safes in place by the parent company to ensure success.

Everything from getting start up capital to operations, and even financial reports are included with most franchise packages. Even better, there are franchises out there for entrepreneurs working on a budget of almost any size.

Low Investment Franchises (Under $25K Start Up)

Pet Care Franchises

Among the more unique emerging franchise ideas, personal pet care is one of the more lucrative. There are pet care franchises that cover everything from dog walking, all the way up to grooming and physical therapy. One of the best things about pet care franchises is that many offer guidelines to set up facilities inside your home, or to be “on the go” to bring that special care to your clients’ homes, instead. The overhead cost is low, and the profits can be as large as you want them, depending on how bog you want your client base to be.

Tax Preparation

Every year, tax preparation franchises work with entrepreneurs to get customers during tax season (typically during the first four months of the year). These franchises supply the software and training to keep people up to date on the latest tax laws, tax breaks, and requirements, so that entrepreneurs can build solid relationships with customers and see returning business (as well as referrals) in the following years. The requisites for new franchise ideas like tax preparation are a quite professional space in your own home or office, or the ability to meet with clients in their homes or businesses to help them with their taxes.

Mid-Range Investment Franchises ($25K to $50K Start Up)

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services have come a long way since the 20th century – they have shifted to more environmentally friendly methods, efficient operations, and some even specialize in cleaning certain things (rugs, carpets, furniture, antiques, etc.) to appeal to a wide range of clients. Most franchise ideas involving cleaning services require training and the ability to lease equipment and vehicles, but this also offers the business owner the ability to offer cleaning services to a wide geographic area, with the option to grow the business to the point of hiring staff, opening new locations, and eventually overseeing operations (rather than being hands-on with the cleaning process). As far as business franchise ideas go, cleaning services offer virtually limitless possibilities for market coverage and profits.

Fitness Centers

One of the great things about owning a fitness center is that there is never really a shortage of people who want to stay fit for the long term, or just drop a few pounds in a short period of time. People like being in shape and fitness centers allow them to utilize equipment and meet like-minded individuals. Most fitness franchises will walk business owners through acquiring space and leasing equipment for people to use, plus how and where to market your fitness center to bring in the most customers. What sets fitness franchises apart from most others is that liability insurance is usually a per-requisite, as well as being able to process multiple forms of payment, and thorough training of staff so that no one gets injured.

High End Investment Franchises ($60K to $100K and Beyond)

In-Home Health Care

With many hospitals and care facilities being overpopulated and understaffed, franchise ideas for in-home health care have been on the rise. Clients prefer the personalized experience of having someone show up to their home to offer assistance in their daily routines, as well as medical care without having to arrange for transportation to and from a medical facility. Most in-home health care services are geared toward seniors, and require that the franchise owners get the appropriate training and licenses, as well as the necessary equipment and ability to drive vehicles to the clients’ homes. Health care franchise ideas never run out of customers, and the initial investment pays for itself in no time.


When most people think of fast food, they conjure up images of the classic franchise. While fast food franchises are not going away anytime soon, food industry franchises have expanded to include casual dining, sports bars, and many other venues. Restaurant franchises require a substantial investment for property, training (for owners and staff alike), equipment, supplies, insurance, and everything associated with the food industry. However, depending on the owner’s desire for profits and location, a franchise restaurant can dominate a given area, and stay in the black for as long as the franchise owner wants to keep it open.

A Note To All Emerging Franchise Owners

When looking at potential small business franchise ideas, it always helps to see what already exists in your area. Franchise ideas meet with many obstacles if they are in direct competition with another business. It also helps to see what types of businesses your area is zoned for, as well as any permits and licenses you will need in order to open up your franchise.

An Alternative To A Franchise

If you are looking into owning your own business, the world of alternative financing and loan brokering is a great alternative to franchise operations, but with all of the security and guidance that a franchise offers.

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) will introduce emerging entrepreneurs to an entire network of investors, complete training in alternative lending and finances, and guidance through every step of the process to make profits from getting other business owners the money they need.

Every business needs money, and CCTG will train you to facilitate those companies to get the working capital required for their operations, while simultaneously reaping healthy profits for yourself. The only limit to your earnings is your own ambition.

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