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Cheap Franchises For Entrepreneurs

Find A Cheap Franchise To Start Your Entrepreneurial Career

Cheap Franchises - ExerciseFranchises are very attractive to entrepreneurs because they are about the most “turn key” operations out there.

Franchises come with training, a support network, marketing, branding, and still provide the financial independence that business owners desire. However, many people think that franchises come with a high price tag for the initial investment, which turns many people away from the idea of opening a franchise. This is not the case. There are many cheap franchise opportunities out there that have a low startup cost, and still yield sizable profits.

Cheap Franchise List

If you have ever considered investing into a franchise business, but are concerned with some of the costs associated to the investment. Here are some of the best franchises to own that come with a cheap startup cost.

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation ranks among some of the cheapest franchise opportunities available, with initial home-based business startup costs of $500, on up to around $30K for a physical franchise location. Tax preparation is a cheap franchise because the customer demand never runs out, and most of the services are in line with state and federal tax codes, which can be automated through the franchise’s proprietary software. The drawback to tax preparation is that, while it is a cheap franchise, the majority of the revenue is seasonal.


Since the 1980s, Jazzercise has ranked as one of the top fitness franchises available, but there are many other cheap franchise alternatives that are quickly climbing the ranks. Exercise franchises can be run out of the home (if the space is available), in a park, or in a studio. Because of this, the fitness industry offers cheap franchise startup costs, and a very high revenue potential.

Cleaning and Janitorial

Cleaning services are always in demand, and there are cheap franchises out there that have everything down to a science. With low startup costs and training in cleaning and disposal, the cleaning industry has cheap franchise opportunities that will attract long-term clients right in your neighborhood.

Property Inspection

Residential and commercial property ownership is on the rise, and people want trustworthy and thorough inspections done before they buy any real estate. There are property inspection franchises that offer their services, and are rated much higher than private inspectors. Property inspection is one of the cheapest franchise opportunities to start, because the parent company requires an initial investment for branding, training, and any required licenses, but inspectors go to meet the clients at their prospective homes, so the need for actual office space is minimal.

Pet Care

People are taking better care of their pets these days, however their own schedules do not leave much free time to handle grooming, or care while they are away at work. The pet care industry offers very cheap franchises that can be run out of the home, or on site at the customer’s residence. The franchise charges for training, supplies, branding, and (in some cases) a company vehicle, but the list of customers usually starts to grow almost as quickly as the business opens.

Commercial Financing

The field of commercial finance works off of the premise that business owners always need money, but very few entrepreneurs can get approved for traditional bank loans (less than 40% of businesses are approved for loans) and need to seek alternative funding sources. Commercial finance professionals typically operate out of their own homes, and bring business owners and lenders together to work out a loan agreement, and then get paid a percentage of the total deal, plus any residual fees. If once considers commercial finance to be a franchise, then it is one of the cheapest franchise opportunities out there, with a low cost for training, which is offset by the potential of a six figure income.

Interested In An Affordable Franchise-Like Opportunity?

If you are looking for cheap franchise opportunities, but still want to work as an individual and experience complete financial independence, The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) might be perfect for you.

CCTG is like a franchise, in that you pay for training and access to 24/7 support from experienced financial professional, but it is very much unlike a franchise in that you get to set your own schedule, work with your own clients, and reap our own rewards. You don’t have to worry about driving a van with a big logo on it, or a big sign hanging outside of your house.

CCTG gives you the tools you need to excel, and to make the money you deserve while helping other business owners get the financing they need.

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