Entrepreneurial Marketing

What Entrepreneurs Need To Know When Marketing Their Business

Entrepreneurial MarketingRegarding entrepreneurial marketing, almost every new business has money budgeted for marketing, which comprises (in most cases) advertising online and in local venues, creating promotional merchandise like t-shirts and magnets, or coupons and other incentives to draw in customers.

Entrepreneurial Marketing is a subset of marketing that is employed by new businesses to set themselves apart from anyone else, and to find potential partners to network with and find customers.

How Does Entrepreneurial Marketing Work?

In order to take advantage of this type of marketing, a business owner must fully research certain variables. Specifically, the target audience for the product or services that the business is offering; accurate pricing that will offer customers a good value while still generating a profit; related products and services that are offered by other companies, that might dovetail nicely with the new business; and other factors. All of these variables come together to form an entrepreneurial marketing plan.

Methods Of Entrepreneurial Marketing

Because this marketing is about intentionally being unconventional, there are very few “standard methods” that are used to establish and grow a customer base. However, there are common practices that fall under the entrepreneurial marketing philosophy that yield consistent positive results.

Offering Something That Similar Companies Do Not

This seems like a given, but incentives like these go well beyond “buy one, get one free.” Certain forerunners in online retail have set themselves apart by offering free returns or personal shoppers to suggest items. Offering free personal consultations is another way this type of marketing has worked to draw in a customer base.

Relationships With Other Businesses

Some new businesses work with companies in related fields to draw in an existing audience. This method of entrepreneurial marketing seeks out a company and develops a relationship by which they offer each other’s products or services as a form of reciprocity. This shows the customers of the established business that the new company is trustworthy and that what they are offering is reliable and of the quality the customer’s have grown to expect.

Know The Target Audience

The strategies are based around very specific targets for small businesses. A company that wants to draw in finance professionals, for example, will probably avoid producing a wacky video and promoting it on YouTube. Likewise, a company with a casual and fun business model will not try to partner with Wall Street portfolio managers.

The idea is that in order to develop an entrepreneurial marketing plan, extensive research needs to be done, both about who the target customers are, and what the culture is like within the business itself, in order to formulate a strategy that sets the company apart from others, while offering a great value to convert interest into sales.

Entrepreneurial Marketing Included

Some entrepreneurs like the idea of having their services speak for themselves, and networking through clients. Commercial finance offers this type of entrepreneurial marketing, and fosters self-branding with very little overhead.

The Commercial Commerce Training Group (CCTG) offers the tools necessary to build networks and create a customer base without needing to do marketing research, or weighing the variables necessary for an entrepreneurial marketing plan.

CCTG puts entrepreneurs in touch with lenders and teaches them how to create financial agreements to bring in thousands of dollars with each deal. Professionals network with lenders and small business owners alike, and build a reputation by bringing parties together to work out beneficial financial agreements.

If you like the idea of becoming your own brand and letting your reputation speak for itself, while netting up to six figures in addition to residual revenue, then look into CCTG, and see how the Commercial Capital Training Group can help you achieve the financial independence you desire.