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Small Business Opportunities | Commercial Capital Training GroupEmerging entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for small business opportunities – either to make money on the side, or to take control of their destinies and embrace financial independence. However, with so many types of businesses across every industry, how does one choose the “right” business opportunity in order to make a good income?

Bottom Line Small Business Opportunities

There are some entrepreneurs who are very flexible when it comes to small business opportunities. They can break down any business into a set of rules and metrics and can make a decent living doing almost anything. These people usually pick businesses that have a great return and a low overhead, and can quickly analyze the data points generated by the business to see what needs to be improved for success.

Home-based Small Business Opportunities

With a computer, a home office, and a phone, many people can run very successful operations with home-based business opportunities. In fact, home-based small business opportunities run the gamut from handmade jewelry, to travel franchises, and even financial services. These small business opportunities allow people to make a very comfortable living without having to deal with long commutes or being away from their loved ones.

Monetizing Your Interests

There are myriad small business opportunities that fall in line with people’s interests, hobbies, passions, and fields of expertise. There is nothing more satisfying than getting paid for doing what you love, and growing your own business on top of it. If you take the time to think about what you enjoy doing in your spare time, then there is a way to turn that into a lucrative small business opportunity.

The Best Small Business Opportunities Available

Today’s economic landscape offers more diverse small business opportunities than ever before, ranging from very conventional businesses to extremely niche startups – and all of them have decent earning potential. We have compiled a short list of some of the best small business opportunities available right now, which are accessible to anyone.

Transportation Business Opportunities

Transportation means a lot of different things, depending on the individual. To some, it means launching a trucking fleet and making sure products and supplies get delivered to their destinations on time. To others, it means offering courier services within a city and surrounding neighborhoods. Some think of becoming an independent driver with services akin to a taxi company – bringing people from place to place in a timely manner, and more efficiently than the average cab service. The possibilities are wide and varied, and the type of transportation you run can be scaled to your comfort level and budget.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of those great small business opportunities that allows people to start locally – offering services to local businesses, performing artists, and organizations who want to build their brands – and then grow quickly to offer custom work online for worldwide orders. A skilled screen printing company can earn a very sizable income, and the business does not require more than one person to start.

Business Staffing Services

Many businesses use contracted services from individuals, rather than hiring full-time employees, as a means of saving money. Business staffing services can procure qualified individuals for all sorts of jobs, or specialize in niche fields, such as administrative positions, manufacturing labor, or high-level IT services. By launching a business that specializes in matching qualified individuals with open job positions, and taking a percentage of the contract for filling vacancies, an individual can build a small staffing empire from a home office.

Tax Services and Accounting

For those with an analytical mindset, tax and accounting services offer one of those rare “recession proof” small business opportunities that allows entrepreneurs to serve as many for as few clients as they want. While helping people with their taxes will always yield an annual spike in revenue, there are many people who want accounting services, and are willing to pay to keep a good independent accountant on retainer.

Pet Grooming Services

Not all pet owners have the time or the products necessary to properly groom their pets. On top of that, certain breeds and species require very special handling and care. Pet grooming businesses can be run out of the home, or as a standalone brick and mortar establishment. For animal lovers who want to pull down a great income by giving people’s pets the spa treatment, launching a pet grooming company is a small business idea.


Security offers small business opportunities ranging from hiring guards and placing them at businesses and apartment complexes, on down to installing electronic surveillance equipment at commercial and residential properties. If you have the technical ability, or if you can provide vigilant and trustworthy security staff, then people and businesses will gladly pay for the added sense of safety.

Personal Shopping Small Business Opportunities

Personal shoppers are hired by people of all walks of life for buy everything from furniture and artwork, clothing, accessories, groceries, and even personal gifts for loved ones. If you are good at reading personalities, memorizing interests and personal details about people, then branding yourself as a personal shopper can give you a great income, as well as the satisfaction of finding those perfect items to make people happy.

Grave MaintenanceThis may seem like a very dour option, but cemeteries and individuals will pay a lot of money for others to maintain grounds and specific graves. The reason this is one of the more lucrative small business opportunities is that hardly anyone thinks about who takes care of the landscaping and cleaning for the resting places of the departed. Fortunately, that leaves a lot of openings for contract agreements that pull down a generous income.

Personal Nutritionist

People are eating healthier and watching their weight these days, and there are some people with special dietary needs who do not want to spend hours in the grocery store reading labels to see if their food contains a harmful allergen. This is where personal nutritionists come in. They work with individuals (and in some cases, entire sports teams) to create regimens that offer complete nutrition, while offering healthy alternatives to help people reach their weight loss goals, and get the nutrients they need without eating foods that trigger their allergies.

Computer Services

We have officially reached the point where computers and personal devices are everywhere, and that means there is no lack of problems and headaches for people who do not know how to troubleshoot software and hardware. If you enjoy working on computers, smartphones, tablets, and the like, then you can always find people willing to pay you to “make things work.” The big advantage of small business opportunities in the field of computer repair services is that the software is available to fix a lot of problems without having to be on-site, and for the more involved tasks, you can deliver high quality service while still charging rates below the big box stores and still make a very comfortable living. While anyone with a penchant for computers can be very successful, having official training and certifications will allow you to reach more customers, and charge more for your services.

Independent Loan Brokers

With the appropriate training and experience, people can find small business opportunities as loan brokers. These individuals work with business owners and lending institutions to work out agreements and then take a percentage or flat rate from the overall deal amount. A good loan broker who has the right inroads can make more over the course of a few agreements than many well-established business owners in other fields. Skilled loan brokers have the luxury of setting their own hours, working from home, and have the ability to spot small business opportunities to arrange agreements for passive residual income to maintain a steady cash flow in between the larger deals. The other bis advantage of being a loan broker is that it is (like accounting services) one of the rare recession-proof small business opportunities, because entrepreneurs are always in need of funding, and lenders are always looking for people to drive qualified borrowers their way.

A One-Of-A-Kind Small Business Opportunity

Taking the concept of the loan broker, and taking it to a whole new level, the Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) gives people small business opportunities in the world of commercial finance.

Our recession-proof business model gives people the training and tools necessary to launch their own businesses with nearly unlimited earning potential. Taking things a step further, we will provide graduates with the marketing, branding and around the clock support to help them become successful and attain financial independence.

At CCTG, we will also give you access to our board of lenders, who will provide you with the advice and expertise to overcome any stumbling blocks along the way. At the end of it all, you will gain satisfaction from growing your own business, getting business owners the financing they need, and ensuring growth in our economy. Want to learn more? Contact The Commercial Capital Training Group today!

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