Profitable Business Ideas

Keys To Finding The Most Profitable Business Ideas

Profitable Business Ideas | Commercial Capital Training GroupYou find yourself thinking about the uncertainty of working for someone else, and you want to take that big leap and go into business for yourself so you can achieve financial independence. Perhaps the toughest part of going into business for yourself is deciding on a profitable business idea. Fortunately, we have put together a guide of some of the most profitable business ideas to help you decide.

Discover Your Passion

Before we discuss individual industries, you should know that the most profitable business ideas are the ones that combine an income with your passions. If you do something that involves your hobbies, interests, or areas of expertise, then your career path will never seem like work – it will be like getting paid to have fun.

Furniture Restoration

For the longest time, people were focused only on having the newest and trendiest furniture in their homes and offices. As fads went by, people realized that there were a lot of classic and antique pieces that would be great additions, if they were only revitalized. For people with an appreciation of craftsmanship and history, furniture restoration is a billion dollar international business – perhaps one of the most profitable business ideas in home furnishings around. Being able to take a chair frame or a fireplace mantle and breathe new life into it by restoring it to its former glory – or by putting a new twist on its presentation – can make a sizable income. The overhead is relatively low, and many people throw away the pieces as junk, which lowers the cost of materials. People love high quality furniture, and are willing to pay a handsome sum of money to display it in their homes or executive offices.


Recycling goes well beyond paper, glass, and plastic. There are many profitable business ideas that have formed around recycling everything from industrial waste, to scrap metal, and even old computers. Some small business owners have made an incredible profit by breaking down computers and electronics into their basic components and selling off the hard drives, processors, silicon, and gold in bulk to buyers and after market suppliers. The more daunting the task, the more likely it is that no one else will want to do it. That leaves a vacuum in the market that can be filled by someone with a little know how, and a profitable business idea.

Apps For Mobile Devices

With the proliferation of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other personal devices, the market for niche apps has opened the floodgates for developers to showcase their profitable business ideas. From games with in-app micro-transactions, to team collaboration, day trading, accounting, and beyond, the sky is the limit for people with the ability and vision to create those “killer apps” that everyone must have. Add to this the fact that the programs and tools used to develop mobile apps are become cheaper, more accessible, and easier to use for anyone with the inclination to do so, and the mobile app market is like a blank canvas for people with profitable business ideas.

Equipment Leasing

For businesses that are just starting out, as well as smaller operations, it often makes more financial sense for them to lease equipment rather than pay the large – often prohibitive – upfront cost to purchase what they need. Equipment leasing companies are some of the most profitable business opportunities, because the monthly payments easily cover cleaning, maintenance, and replacement (if necessary). Additionally, equipment leasing has expanded greatly, and it is no longer just about industrial machinery for construction or manufacturing. More than 15% of all office equipment in the United States is leased rather than purchased, and there are even niche equipment leasing firms that provide equipment to laboratories, healthcare facilities, warehouses, computer server farms, and almost every industry imaginable.

Business Consultants

People who have experience in the corporate field and want to transition to owning their own business sometimes use what they have learned and share that knowledge (at a price) to other companies. Business consulting firms are some of the most profitable business opportunities around if you have experience in things such as efficiency, team building, leadership, change management, logistics, and other niche operations.

Commercial Financing

Commercial financing is a highly profitable business opportunity that sets itself apart from most other industries by having a recession-proof model. Business owners will always need extra working capital, and banks are very reluctant to approve business loans – which leaves many entrepreneurs either funding their operations out of pocket or seeking alternative financing methods. Commercial financing experts act as liaisons between these business owners and lending sources, and help to create an agreement that works for all parties involved, while taking a small percentage of the total contract for themselves as payment, plus any recurring fees. What makes this one of the most profitable business opportunities is that after closing just a few deals, many commercial finance professionals make more than most business owners do in a full year. Plus commercial finance has a host of lending and funding programs available that banks do not, which gives business owners the ability to get quick access to working capital with flexible terms, often times without having to take on extra debt.
[/product_feature][product_feature title_color=”#be9f2a” title_font_size=”22″ description_color=”#555555″ description_font_size=”14″ icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_bg_color=”#1a398b” icon_size=”22″ title=”Franchise Opportunities”]Franchise Opportunities is one of the largest franchise portal networks, specializing in helping people buy their own franchises, as well as helping business owners turn their companies into franchise opportunities to expand their customer base. This franchise website has a small and dedicated team that works directly with customers to get them the franchises they want within their budgets and industry preferences. Their team collects and distributes information and franchise listings, as well as industry-relevant new to help new franchise owners achieve their goals.
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Looking For A Profitable Business Idea?

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