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Easy To Start Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Easy Business Ideas | Commercial Capital Training GroupFor people thinking about launching their own company, or those who just want to test the waters with a part-time independent operation, there are a number of easy business ideas with low overhead, flexible hours, and the ability to make a decent side income.

One of the best things about easy business ideas is that as you become more familiar with running your won company, you can take on more customers and grow without adding much to expenses.

What are some easy to start business ideas?

There are a number of easy business ideas that anyone can start from home or online. We have compiled a list of the easiest business ideas you can start today to earn income on the side, or to build a sustainable company to allow you to leave your current job and enjoy financial independence.

Handmade Goods

Making things to sell at local stores, craft fairs, or online is an easy business idea that takes hobbies you enjoy and allows you to get paid for doing them. There is a huge market where people are looking for unique jewelry, knitted clothing, dolls, paintings, wood carvings, bead work, and other items – and they are willing to pay for the craftsmanship they cannot find anywhere else. As far as easy business ideas go, this only only costs time and materials. This type of business offers a lot of flexibility in the number of hours you decide to put into it.

Social Marketing

If you have a computer and in internet connection, and you enjoy connecting with people through social media, then social marketing is an incredibly easy business idea to start in your spare time. Posting reviews of new products, pictures, videos of products in action, and incorporating short affiliate links is a great way to get people to like your posts, but also generate a sizable revenue in the process. With the minimal effort it takes to share information through various online venues, some people can make thousands of dollars a month. Social marketing is one of those easy business ideas that will be trending for the long run.

Vintage Clothing and Costume Jewelry

Do you like going to estate sales and finding those quirky, unique, and elegant articles of clothing and jewelry for a low price? Then you are in luck because not everyone has the ability or the eye for good fashion, and selling vintage clothing and accessories is one of the easy business ideas that will never go out of style. Yes, you may have to patch a small hole here or sew on a button there, but a few cents of repair materials can turn a rummage sale score into hundreds of dollars. This is a business that can be run out of the home by listing the items online, which saves on money and overhead.

Virtual Assistant and Support

Easy business ideas for the consummate professional come in the form of virtual assistants. With a computer and an internet connection, you can start your own business by offering administrative assistance or computer help to people online. You can set your own rates and hire yourself out to businesses that need help with everything from responding to quick emails on up to spreadsheets and database queries. There are even screen sharing programs so you can help people fix their computer problems as if you were right on site.

Event Coordinator

Event coordination is a broad term that covers easy business ideas that range from small parties to weddings and corporate conventions. If you have a mind for logistics and planning, you can set up a business from home to help clients arrange everything from hotel space, live music, entertainment, food, and more. These easy business ideas save people a lot of time and effort, and the amount ou take home on top of it can easily grow into a full-time career.

Pet Hotels

The idea of the kennel has evolved, and if you have the space and free time, then you have the ability to launch one of the easy business ideas with low overhead and high income potential. Instead of providing cages for people’s pets while they are away, a pet hotel offers rooms with nice carpeting, toys, communal space for socializing, and interactive time so pets do not get lonely while their owners are traveling without them. Of all the easy business ideas in this list, a pet hotel is the only one that requires physical space to run successfully. This type of business is ideal for people with barns and other outbuilding that can be converted into cozy areas for pets.

Personal Trainer

People are growing more conscious of their health, but cannot always go out of their way to join a fitness center due to their personal schedules. Becoming a personal trainer is one of those easy business ideas where you go and meet the clients – either at their homes or in the park – and work with them directly to come up with an exercise routine to help them meet their goals. The overhead is low, and you get paid to exercise on top of it. Many personal trainers expand their clientele easily by word of mouth, and some even expand their operations to include diet and nutrition help as well.

Property Management

Property management is one of the more “official” easy business ideas, in that certain locations require specific licenses and permits before offering your services. A property manager works with commercial real estate owners and checks in on apartments, houses, and office space to ensure there are no problems, and reports things that need to be fixed. In many cases, people with a background in construction, electrical work, or plumbing make excellent property managers, and frequently get the added benefit of having their own office on the premises, rent free.

Online Auctions

There are a number of outlets online for selling and auctioning items ranging from old toys to luxury cars. Some people embrace these easy business ideas and comb garage and estate sales for those unique items that can be flipped for a huge profit. Some people will even go to flea markets and buy entire lots of things they can sell online, and even help their neighbors get rid of things for a sizable commission.


Once again, turning your hobbies into easy business ideas is simply a matter of figuring out how to place a price on what you love to do. Running a business as a photographer is as easy as taking landscape and portrait photographs, or being adventurous and going to live performances or even skydiving and getting those great action shots. Between the price of technology making high-end photography equipment more affordable, and digital photo editing software, people, businesses, publications, and performing artists will pay a good price for your work.

Commercial Finance Consulting

Commercial finance consulting is one of those unique and easy business ideas that lets people work whenever they want, and earn more over the course of a few deals than many people make in a given year. In general terms, commercial finance consulting is an easy business idea for people who are great at communicating with others, and for people who love solving puzzles. This business is about talking with businesses and getting them in touch with various lenders that can provide the financing they need. Once an agreement is reached and signed, you are given a percentage of the total amount, plus any recurring income figured into the contract. One of the best things about commercial finance consulting is that – not only is it one of the easiest business ideas to start – but it is recession proof. The economy will rise and fall, but businesses will always need extra financing. Now, apart from simply bringing entrepreneurs and lenders together, finance consultants need a working knowledge of various types of loans and commercial financing, how businesses work, how to read contracts, and how to negotiate.

Flexible, Work From Home Finance Business

If you would like to launch an easy business idea and achieve financial independence, take a look at the Commercial Capital Training Group. The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) gives people the tools and training to launch their own businesses to become successful commercial finance professionals. Additionally, we provide the branding, marketing, and 24-hour support that you cannot find anywhere else.

Among the easy business ideas for entrepreneurs, CCTG give people nearly limitless earning potential and opportunities by giving you access to our exclusive board of lenders, as well as our network of business, finance, and marketing professionals to get your up and running in no time. With low overhead, the opportunity to work from home, and set your own schedule, this is an easy business idea that allows you to focus on living life, exploring your passions, and maximizing your free time, rather than working until all hours for someone else.

We offer a recession-proof business model that is easy to launch with minimal overhead. Start living life and doing what you love, while earning a virtually limitless income, and check out the Commercial Capital Training Group today.

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