40 Best Business Opportunities That Can Turn Into Full-Time Careers

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40 Best Business Opportunities That Can Turn Into Full-Time Careers

40 Best Business Opportunities | Commercial Capital Training GroupThere are business opportunities everywhere. It is very rare that you find someone who does only one thing for a living. Whether we are parlaying our hobbies and passions into lucrative business opportunities, or simply creating multiple streams of revenue to counter any unforeseen economic downturns, extra income never hurts.

The trick is in finding business opportunities you can start on your own, with low overhead, and little time consumption. In order to help in that search, we have put together a list of the 40 best business opportunities that can evolve into full-time careers.

Which Business Opportunities Are Right For You?

If you already have a job, it might help to look at business opportunities that do not require much time or effort. Many part-time business opportunities can be run from home, or even online. Some business opportunities are designed to generate passive revenue, which means you will not have to put much time or effort into maintaining operations. Other business opportunities can be expanded, so people can transition from their existing jobs to the world of entrepreneurship. Finding the right business opportunities starts with doing something you enjoy, and figuring out a way to monetize it. Below, we have listed a number of business opportunities which should appeal to a wide range of interest.

eBay Seller

Ebay Seller business opportunityFor over 20 years, eBay has been the go-to site for people who want to sell new and used items online. One of the main reasons for its success is that eBay is always thinking of ways to make things easier for both buyers and sellers. There are nearly unlimited business opportunities for people selling everything from odds and ends on up to luxury vehicles.

Getting Started

In order to find business opportunities by selling on eBay, users need to have a PayPal account, and a backup credit or debit card linked to their profiles. After the initial setup, it is time to start selling. Whether you are selling vintage clothes, used books, or surplus car parts, the key creating successful business opportunities on eBay is in how items are listed.


As of this article, eBay allows users to list items from their computers, as well as their smartphones. The requirements for each listing are a minimum of three clear pictures. More are always better, and try to show off as many details as possible. If an item has a defect – such as a torn page in a book, or a hole in clothing – be sure to not only take a picture, but mention it in the item description. Remember, being honest and upfront in your listings are the best preventive method for avoiding refunds and cases being open against you, as a seller.

Put as many details as possible into your listings – brand name, title, part number – any relevant information. Also think about what you are going to charge for shipping. Most top-rated eBay sellers offer free shipping, and roll the cost of postage and packing materials into the overall price. Keep in mind that listing items on eBay does not mean just putting things up for auction. Many sellers offer a “buy it now” price, sometimes paired with a “best offer” option. Providing multiple purchasing options can create more business opportunities than going only with auctions.

Customers like variety. Include details in your description that might boost sales. Terms such as “smoke-free, pet-free environment” are very attractive to buyers, as are sellers who clearly state they reside in the United States. Since most eBay buyers also live the United States, this cuts down on shipping rates and times. Ebay is great because the listing process takes little time to complete, and once listed, they can stay on the site until they are sold. If your eBay store is a success, your ranking will improve, and your items will gain more prominence and visibility to buyers who casually browse the site.

Feedback and Rankings

After every sale, buyers have the opportunity to leave feedback and rank the transaction experience based on how closely the item resembles the listing, the shipping time and prices, and communication. If a customer has a question, you should respond as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If a customer has a dispute over an item, eBay representatives have both buyer and seller protection mediation available, in order to resolve any issues quickly and fairly, and to ensure sellers do not lose money, items, or both.

As rankings increase and positive feedback is accumulated, the selling limit – both in number of items you can list in your store, as well as the dollar amount of the total inventory – will increase. These metrics will also help you figure out your target audience, so you can optimize your business opportunities as an eBay seller. Many top rated eBay sellers have started off selling just a few items, only to quickly rise in the ranks to the point where they are pulling down monthly revenues equal to a full-time salary.


Tutoring business opportunitiesBusiness opportunities for tutors have been on the rise over the years, with schools and even companies requiring people to further their education. Whether it is a student struggling with algebra, or a help desk employee trying to pass an A+ certification exam, the services of a tutor are valuable on many levels. If you have an area of expertise, then business opportunities abound for those willing to share their knowledge.

Getting Started When Searching for Business Opportunities

Finding business opportunities as a tutor involves offering knowledge and expertise in a particular field. Many teachers and department heads offer tutoring services on the side for supplemental income, as well as the satisfaction of helping people better themselves and improve their skill sets. However, many people make the transition to become full-time tutors because there are business opportunities everywhere, both online and in person.

While becoming a certified tutor is not a requirement for offering services, organizations such as the American Tutoring Association are working toward standardizing requirements to provide the best tutoring experience to students. Tutoring is one of the best business opportunities, because it allows people work on flexible schedules, and even online. By offering services on Craigslist, at local schools and colleges, and other places of interest, a tutor can quickly get a number of clients. Some tutors will even get together and launch their own tutoring services company, realizing they can increase their client base as well as the volume of potential business opportunities, and ultimately bring in more money as tutors than their regular full-time careers.


EtsyEtsy has become the mainstay of people looking for business opportunities in selling vintage clothing and handmade products. People flock to Etsy to find those unique items they cannot find anywhere else, while also supporting independent artists. Many sellers start on Etsy by offering the occasional piece of handmade jewelry, clothing, ceramics or art prints. However, once their works find an audience, the demand skyrockets, and what started as a small online store can turn into a lucrative career, with business opportunities coming from customers around the world.

Getting Started

As with other online stores, you should have a product to sell before registering. Creating an account on Etsy is rather quick and painless. Sellers create a store name, choose a location and currency, and a payment method. Where Etsy diverges from other online stores (like eBay) is that having a PayPal account is not a requirement to take advantage of business opportunities. Etsy provides payment to sellers through PayPal, major credit and debit cards, and even Apple Pay. This gives seller much more flexibility, and cuts down on the waiting time when transferring funds. This also gives buyers more options and increases the number of business opportunities available to sellers. If you are creative and like making things, a small store on Etsy is one of those business opportunities that can not only turn into a great career, but also offer exposure to independent artists.


Etsy is very wallet-friendly when it comes to fees. The fee for listing an item is only $0.20 (USD). When an item sells, Etsy charges a small fee of 3.5 percent of the total price, which is very low compared to similar online retail business opportunities.

Freelance Writer as a Small Business Opportunity

Freelance Writer small business opportunitiesWith all the technology at our fingertips, words still drive communication between people and businesses. For those with a knack for writing, becoming a freelancer opens up business opportunities which can be turned into lucrative careers.

Getting Started

Not but a few years ago, finding business opportunities as a freelance writer was very difficult. With the advent of gig-based sites like Fiverr, a freelance writer had a chance to offer their services to a much wider audience, and find a whole host of business opportunities in the process. Freelance writers provide everything from blog posts to ghostwriting speeches, and even ebooks.

Since freelance writers are in demand, sites like BlogMutt and TextBroker offer a platform for people to find writing business opportunities, while also ensuring fair payment. No longer are freelance writers strapped to unfair agreements or low-paying business opportunities. With the aforementioned sites, writers can browse available business opportunities and start a dialog with the customer before entering an agreement.

Ratings And Payment

Freelance writers who use sites dedicated for this type of work have a ranking system. Customers will rank writers based on the content they deliver, which increases visibility for future business opportunities. Payment methods are flexible, offering PayPal, credit card, and even direct bank deposits. Business opportunities for freelance writers can start at $100 and go on up to a few thousand per request, depending on the size, scope, and urgency of what is needed.

IT Contractor/Support

IT ContractorBecoming an IT contractor or offering tech support can mean many things to different people. Some enterprising people will offer services to remove viruses and troubleshoot hardware conflicts for people in their immediate vicinity. Others will decide to strike out into coding or big data management, either on their own, or through a headhunting agency. The business opportunities for IT contractors are practically infinite in scope.

Getting Started

For those willing to help others, simply posting fliers or ads on Craigslist will generate business opportunities. People who do not want to deal with the long waits on hold, or the “one size fits all” approach of the big box stores make an excellent target audience. An individual who knows basic hardware and operating system functions can make a very healthy side income while still undercutting the major service providers.

On the other end of the spectrum, people with a more advanced skill set will get various certifications and self-incorporate, in order to start taking long-term business opportunities and contract jobs. Many of these business opportunities include database management, coding, data migration, and even ensuring government offices meet disaster recovery compliance. Some IT contracts can even be handled remotely, so travel is not a requirement. Setting up a business in IT support and contracting can quickly turn into lucrative, employer-free business opportunities.

Small Batch Food Production

Small Batch Food ProductionThere has been a shift in the food market, and mass produced food is being pushed to the wayside. In its place, “small batch production” has taken the throne. Everything from baked goods and cured meats, to cheeses, beer and other spirits are being crafted in small batches and sold – either directly to customers, or through larger stores and distributors. Business opportunities can be found almost anywhere for small batch production.

Getting Started

Producing food for sale to the public is a bit trickier than any of the other business opportunities we have discussed in this article. Producing food means getting in contact with your local and state health departments, as well as business licensing (usually the state commerce department). There are certain health codes that need to be passed, in addition to licenses, paperwork, special tax forms (if needed) and anything else your location deems necessary. This may seem like a lot to go through for small batch business opportunities, but the payoff can be incredible.

People producing small batches of food are highly sought by local grocery stores and markets, specialty distributors, restaurants, and bars. Making high quality food opens up doors to business opportunities that can easily exceed the initial cost of permits and starting up. What starts out as a hobby for the love of good comestibles can end up becoming a very high-profile career, with business opportunities presenting themselves locally and abroad.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real EstateThe concept of commercial real estate seems intimidating to some people. The initial investment costs, construction (hired for do-it-yourself), and everything else involved can be overwhelming. However, by breaking things down into smaller parts, these business opportunities are actually easy and lucrative.

Getting Started

Commercial real estate opens the door to a number of business opportunities. Drive around town. Look at listings. See if there are houses out there which can be purchased for below market value. Then comes a big decision. Flipping houses present business opportunities which can bring in a lot of money all at once. However, renting out a house to tenants can bring in supplemental income indefinitely. There are some people who purchase multiple homes over a short period of time, rent them out, and have the income generated from one or two cover payments on newer properties, while still pulling down revenue.

When starting out, it helps to talk to other real estate investors or local landlords to find out how they run their operations. Also seek out real estate brokers, who keep entire lists of business opportunities for investors. There are also a number of state and local tax incentives to making commercial spaces habitable, because it brings revenue from tenants into an area. As far as covering the cost of purchasing and renovating properties goes, there are a number of commercial loans designed to get the job done, without putting your personal finances in the red. Conventional loans, SBA loans, bridge loans, and more can be used to purchase and renovate homes. Commercial real estate offers great business opportunities that can end up bringing in several streams of revenue. Many people use this to supplement their regular income, or transition to make it a full-time career.

Hair Salon as a Business Opportunity

Hair Salon Business OpportunitiesIf you have a flare for hair, then opening a home salon might be just the thing. Starting a home salon is a great way to give people the personal attention they do not get at larger establishments, while also making them look fabulous and feel great.

Getting Started

Because a home salon involves dealing directly with customers, the first step is to research any permits and licenses that your state and city require for you to run a business out of the home. From there, you need a business plan. This will help to get you approved for any loans and other financing you might need for supplies, products, and equipment. After everything has arrived, and things are set up, it is time to open the doors. Spending money on advertising will help put you on the radar, and even social media will help reach out to local customers and bring them into your salon. Hair salons are great business opportunities that allow people to set their own schedules, and the option is always there to make it a full-time career.

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialsit Business OpportunityEvery time a new social media platform comes out – Twitter, Facebook, Ello, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. – small companies and large corporations alike will try to leverage it to gain more customers and generate business opportunities. The problem arises in that many of these companies do not understand how to post engaging messages to catch the eye of the public, so they fall back to standard advertising. A social media specialist understands how to get followers, “likes,” retweets, etc. – and that’s where the business opportunities are.

Getting Started

Becoming a social media specialist requires a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access. It would also help to start your own web page and professional social media accounts for branding purposes. There are three ways to get customers and generate business opportunities as a social media specialist. The first is to post or tweets about local businesses, then talk to the owners and explain the benefits of driving sales by offering discounts and specials on various social media platforms.

If they have a site of their own, explain how you can optimize it and keep things up to date to bring in more traffic and potential sales. There are individuals in any given location who manage social media accounts for a number of local businesses. The second method is to use various gig-oriented job sites like Fiverr, LocalSolo.com, and UpWork.com to offer your services and browse business opportunities from people requesting social media help. This is a great way to build a portfolio of clients. The third method is to leverage social media for yourself.

Talk up your skills and brand. Give advice (without giving away the farm). Draw people to your business with new and interesting content. With programs that allow you to schedule social media posts well in advance, you can plan entire marketing campaigns for clients and then go about your life because everything is automated. Business opportunities for social media experts are everywhere, with no sign of things slowing down as new platforms gain traction with the public.

Automotive Detailing

Automotive Detailing Business OportunityTaking care of our cars and other vehicles will never stop being an obsession. In addition to keeping them clean, drivers enjoy having the detail work done that a simple car wash cannot cover. But automotive detailing is not simply a summer job for high school and college students, these days. Car owners are looking for people who are also car enthusiasts, who are familiar with their vehicles and who can give cars the attention and care needed to ensure a clean, shiny, and extended life. There are business opportunities for automotive detailing right in your neighborhood.

Getting Started

For those looking for car detailing business opportunities, it’s best to invest in an automotive detailing kit. You can pick up a basic kit from Walmart, which will include wax, brushes, dusters, and wax. After a few jobs, a portion of the revenue can go into more advanced kits, with air compressors and clay lubricants. It helps to familiarize yourself with the vehicles our customers have, so you can form a plan of attack before you arrive. Ambitious entrepreneurs have gone from detailing cars in their immediate neighborhoods to having their reputations spread – leading to business opportunities like taking care of boats and even small planes. If you have an eye for detail, these business opportunities can quickly grow into profitable careers.

Personal Seller

Personal Seller Business OpportunityThese are relatively new business opportunities which have popped up over recent years. There are a lot of people with clutter, who either do not have the time or the know how to get rid of it. In this day and age, not all clutter is “junk” per se, and people will spend money to acquire it for themselves. This is where you come in.

Getting Started

Much like our first job (see: eBay Seller), business opportunities for personal sellers require an eBay account, and possibly a Craigslist account. The next step is to talk with people trying to get rid of their old items. Ask how much they would like to get for those items, if people were to buy them. Then it is time to negotiate your fee. Many personal sellers charge between 10 and 20 percent of the total sale, figuring in any fees that eBay and similar sites charge, as well as shipping or delivery (for larger items). By becoming a “clutter broker” of sorts, you can help people free up space, while making a tidy profit from these business opportunities. There are also apps, such as ThreadUp and Poshmark, which are designed specifically for selling old clothes.


PhotographerIf you are a skilled photographer, and know how to use editing software, like PhotoShop or Google’s Nik, then you can start selling your photos online as prints or as stock photos for people to use in their own projects – such as book and album covers.

Getting Started

Photography starts with a camera. It almost goes without saying that higher quality cameras produce sharper photographs, but most smartphones have the high quality settings required for large and detailed images. If you decide to go with a digital camera, be prepared to invest a minimum of $500. You will also need a computer or tablet in order to edit and upload your image files. The major thing that makes digital photography so accessible is that there is no cost for film development. Do not worry about getting the “perfect shot” on your first try. Take as many pictures as you would like.

After they are transferred to your computer, you can go through them and pick out the best. Then, using editing software, you can play with colors, filters, light saturation, and other effects to enhance your images. Once you are satisfied, you can upload your images to various sites, and wait for the passive income to roll in. Sites such as Redbubble offer business opportunities by letting people upload images to be sold as prints, or on items such as t-shirts, tote bags, and other physical goods. However, if you want to take things in a different direction, sites like Shutterstock will let you upload high quality images which can be sold to other people to use in their own projects. Some people will easily draw upwards of $5000 per month from photography business opportunities, selling their images online.

One thing of note: When looking for business opportunities to sell your photos, pay attention to the fine print of the user agreement. Most of the top rated sites will let you retain ownership of your work, but a few agreements state that any submitted work cannot be uploaded to other sites, essentially locking your efforts to their company for the duration.

Remote Assistant

Remote Assistant Business OpportunityBusiness opportunities for remote assistants include a wide range of tasks – from typing, to placing calls, maintaining appointment schedules, and more. These business opportunities require discipline and a very organized mind, but can generate a lot of revenue with just a few clients.

Getting Started

In order to be a remote assistant, you will need a smartphone and a computer. You will also need a basic to intermediate understanding of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.), as well as Google Tools (Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, etc.) in order to complete tasks. People use remote assistants to help organize their busy lives. Executives and business owners do not have the time to type up their own reports, maintain spreadsheets, or keep track of scheduling conflicts for meetings.

Remote assistants make sense of the chaos. Remote assistants also have the luxury of working from home, instead of fighting a daily commute. These business opportunities benefit clients, as well, because they do not have to hire an extra full-time employee and devote in-office resources to have them work on site. Some remote assistants will seek out others in the same profession and pool resources to become a company, thereby increasing their client base, as well as attracting more business opportunities, to bring in more revenue. Remote assistants can make a very comfortable living as both a side business and a full-time career.

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Business OpportunityMedical transcription has been a mainstay of home-based business opportunities. Private practitioners and healthcare centers do not have the time or staff to delegate transcription from audio, so they are always looking for people to outsource their workload to. If you have excellent listening and accurate typing skills, it is very easy to find business opportunities as a medical transcriptionist.

Getting Started

The basics equipment needed for medical transcription business opportunities consists of a computer and a secure internet connection. There is no medical degree required to do transcription work, but you should at least be familiar with medical terms. Some transcriptionists will go so far as to get certifications from the Association for Healthcare Documentation in order to draw in clients. Medical professionals and healthcare center frequently have their own software to distribute the audio files over a secure network, in order to keep the whole process compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As the population in the United States ages, the need for medical transcriptionists will grow. Business opportunities in medical transcription offers flexible hours and the ability to work from home.

Errand Runner

Errand Runner Business OpportunityPeople lead very busy lives these days, and no matter how hard they might try, they cannot be in multiple places at once. Business opportunities for errand runners can generate a great deal of income, and simply require going out and accomplishing those tasks people cannot get to finishing due to time and distance.

Getting Started

In order to take on business opportunities for running errands, you will need a smartphone, your own transportation (preferably a car), and a great system of organization. A computer or tablet can make things run more smoothly, but they are not necessary. The next step is to come up with a list of services to offer customers. Errand running encompasses a wide array of services, so consider what you will or won’t do. Some people limit services to shopping and picking up groceries. Others expand the list to moving furniture, picking up people from airports, walking people’s dogs, delivering packages, and more. Errand runners should stay in constant communication with customers, and keep a fairly free personal schedule in order to fit in customer requests. Business opportunities for errand runners allow people to pull down a very sizable income. This can very well lead to a full-time career.


Upcycling Business OpportunitiesThe process of upcycling is nothing new, but it has only been in recent years that people have figured out how to truly monetize a hobby and make big money in the process. Upcycling is simply a means of taking those items which other people would otherwise throw away, and turning them into desirable treasures. Business opportunities in upcycling can start right in your own home.

Getting Started

To start a business in upcycling, you first need a workspace. That may be a part of your apartment, the garage outside of your house, or even a space in the yard. Next, you need to figure out what you want to sell. Furniture? Clothing? Toys? Your decision will ultimately decide what kind of supplies and equipment you will need.

Paint, a drill, and a sewing machine are usually the staples of upcyclers. The next step is finding projects. Whatever you are upcycling can usually be found at garage sales, flea markets, local Freecycle centers, and even on Craigslist. Simple embellishments on old clothing, restoration, and even transformation of furniture, toys, and other pieces can increase the value of “junk” by hundreds of dollars.

All of the upcycled items can be resold on Craigslist, through an online store, and even at the very flea markets you picked them up at in the first place. Business opportunities in upcycling have very low overhead, and the biggest investment is your imagination. Many people who start out with small upcycling business opportunities often expand operations to a full-time career, generating revenue above what most people earn working for someone else.

Do-It-Yourself Instructor

DIY Instructor Business OpportunityPeople love learning things that have practical or fun applications. Business opportunities for DIY instructors involve teaching everything from furniture restoration to home improvement. In recent years, the audience for DIY projects has grown tremendously, with no sign of slowing down. If you are handy with tools, and know your way around Home Depot or Lowe’s, then becoming a DIY instructor may offer the business opportunities you’re seeking.

Getting Started

Much like upcycling, DIY instructors need a place to demonstrate procedures to a class. This can be a garage, yard, or even (if it is permitted; check with your local laws) a park. A given DIY project requires all of the items and tools necessary to see it to completion. Restoring a wooden chair? You will probably need wood, sandpaper, varnish or stain. Showing people how to clean the trap under the sink? Then you will need a wrench and that section of plumbing.

People will gladly pay to learn something so that they can achieve the independence of having the knowledge to do things themselves, and save money in the long run. Additionally, the cost of one or two people to attend class should easily cover the cost of materials. DIY instructors draw great supplemental incomes from these business opportunities, and some go onto develop subscription-based web series and blogs, for additional revenue.

Personalized Fiction

Personalized Fiction Business OpportunityPeople love stories. Many times, people would rather read a story written for them, and containing their ideas. However, not many people know how to put thought to words and come up with an engaging story. In this digital age, business opportunities for personalized fiction are a growing niche industry that offers room to generate a lot of revenue.

Getting Started

If you have a laptop and an imagination, you can take advantage of business opportunities for personalized fiction. Some people work within specific genres, such as steampunk, fantasy, erotica, or historical fiction. Others will take any requests simply because they like variety and taking on challenges. Pricing can be based on word length, per page, or even based on the type of request. If research is required, then that will usually add to the price. Stories can be delivered digitally, though for an extra charge, some personalized fiction writers will go to their local Kinko’s or OfficeMax to create bound copies of their stories to deliver to their customers.

Holiday Decorator

Holiday Decorator Business OpportunityDo you get excited about the holidays? Do you like decorating and designing a feast for the eyes, for those special holidays throughout the year? There are business opportunities for people who enjoy decorating homes, stores, offices, and public buildings as a side job. Business opportunities for decorators are increasing with each passing year. Many people do not have the time, and stores, offices, and even government offices do not have the internal resources to devote to decorating for the holidays. However, the aforementioned do have the capital resources to hire people to do the job well.

Getting Started

The most important trait for running a successful business as a holiday decorator is planning. You are going to need to meet with clients well in advance to get an idea of what they want, and what their schedules are like, so you can work around their activity. It is also important to get a deposit before you start working on a project. This money can cover the cost of supplies from craft stores like Michael’s, or any decorations purchased from specialty shops.

Always prepare for potential decorating business opportunities at least one season in advance. Prices for decorations are always less expensive in the off-season, so it is best to start shopping for Halloween decorations (for example) from January to June, the winter holidays from March to September, and the summer holidays from October to March. Some industrious holiday decorators have expanded these business opportunities into full-time careers by selling their handmade ornaments through an online store, to keep a steady revenue flow in between holidays.

Professional Organizer

Organizer Business OpportunityOrganization is not simply about folding laundry and putting things away when you are done using them. Organization is a much broader concept – it is a philosophy and an approach to everything in life. However, despite all of our devices and apps, very few of us have the time to focus on organizing our homes, personal schedules, and loves. Professional organizers know how to put entire households and lives in order and keep them on track, and there is never a lack of business opportunities in this field.

Getting Started

As a professional organizer, it is important to have a website to make your presence known, so business opportunities start coming to you. This site could contain blog posts with tips on little things people can to gain control of the chaos. However, the website should have contact information, and even the offer of a free consultation for prospective clients. Some professional organizers will use sites like stitcher.com or iTunes to upload weekly podcasts to put a human voice to the services provided. Much like life coaches, professional organizers offer niche services that require human-to-human correspondence, and customized solutions when business opportunities present themselves.

Voice Acting

Voice Acting Business OpportunityWe have come a long way from radio days, and voice acting is a large and lucrative industry. Actors such as Mark Hamill, Helena Bonham Carter, Sean Bean and others have transitioned from screen to voice acting. With so many forms of media – from commercials, to documentaries, animated series, audio books, and video games using voice actors – the list of business opportunities for voice acting is constantly growing.

Getting Started

Your first step as a voice actor is to grab a computer and invest in a decent microphone. Record yourself doing some professional, dramatic, and comedic readings. Demonstrate your range of emotions and timing. The next step is to register an account on a site live Voices.com to upload your samples, learn how to land jobs, and browse business opportunities for voice acting. It might even be a good idea to get an agent to who will actively search for business opportunities while you are working your regular job. Like any entertainment profession, this side job may run hot or cold for a while before you hit your stride. But many people, like Steven Blum, Tara Strong, and Grey DeLisle have turned small business opportunities in voice acting into a full-time career.

Yard Work

Yard Work Business OpportunityHardly anyone has time for yard work, these days, so business opportunities are everywhere. Even if the time is available, not many people know how to do the various tasks properly, or have the correct equipment. For those with a green thumb and an attention to detail, finding business opportunities for yard work can evolve into a full time career. Many people do not realize that yard work business opportunities exist throughout the year. In the winter, there is snow to shovel icicles to clear from roofs. During the springtime, there are gutters that need cleaning, trees and shrubs that need trimming, and lawns to be mowed. In the summer months, there is still more lawn mowing, watering, seeding dry patches, weeding, and planting. In the fall, there are leaves that need raking, and other preparations to take before winter sets in again.

Getting Started

Tackling yard work business opportunities requires tools of all sorts. Lawn mowers, weed trimmer, rakes, shovels, gloves, and more are needed to get the job done right. Shopping at Target or Sears can provide everything you need to get a jump start on yard work business opportunities. As the customer base grows in your immediate location, you may need to hire additional employees to cover a large territory. A person with a good yard work side business can find doors opening to bigger business opportunities, such as contracts with apartment complexes, resorts, and large gardens.

Website Broker

Website Broker Business OpportunityWebsite domains each have values. For instance, the domains for the New York Times or Coca-Cola are valued well into the millions, if not billions of dollars. Other domains, like those for local restaurants and personal blogs are much less expensive. There are people who buy and sell domains much like trading stocks on Wall Street, and pull down a very healthy side income from these business opportunities.

Getting Started

The first thing you should do is acquaint yourself with Sedo.com and setup an account. Sedo is perhaps the largest domain buying and selling marketplace. It also helps to keep up on the news in various industries, because business opportunities in buying and selling existing domains are just a few methods to becoming a successful broker.

If a movie, video game, or new gadget is about to be released, you will see people registering domain names related to those products. The reason for this is because major companies without the foresight to register domains beforehand, along with bloggers and news sites that want high traffic by providing relevant information on those products, will generate business opportunities by paying large sums to get ownership of those domain names. Domain brokers who speculate on desirable website names can make a killing in the market – sometimes more than simply buying and selling. There are a number of people who find business opportunities as domain brokers who end up earning more than they do at their regular jobs, while still putting in part-time hours.

Pet Care

Pet Care Business OpportunityWe all love our pets, but we do not always have the time to care for them. Some pets need special attention while we are away at work, on vacation, or when we want to go out for an evening. For these reasons, those with an entrepreneurial bend can easily find pet care business opportunities.

Getting Started

The first step in offering pet services is defining exactly what you are going to offer. Some pet services providers will go all out and convert sheds at their houses into pet friendly homes where animals can stay while their owners are on vacation. Others will only offer to walk dogs while their owners are away at work, and ensure other pets are properly fed and watered. The second step is to build a rapport with your prospective clients to find business opportunities.

Hiring someone to take care of your pets involves a certain level of trust. So, before you start soliciting strangers in the park, it might help to offer your services to your neighbors and people you know at your regular job. Get business cards and fliers and place them at veterinarian offices, pet stores, and pet grooming shops. Then you need to manage your time. You obviously cannot walk all the dogs in your town – there just is not that much time. Similarly, you have your own life (and possibly your own pets, who need care).

Figure out how many business opportunities you can take from clients, realistically. If the pet care side job really takes off, or the demand is high, you might consider recruiting friends to take advantage of the increase in business opportunities. There are some people who run dog walking and pet care service businesses as full-time careers after starting off just offering their services to people in their apartment buildings and along their streets.

Day Trading

Day Trading Business OpportunityThe concept of day trading really came to prominence in the early 2000s. It has since become a mainstay in our financial landscape, presenting savvy investors with business opportunities to make a healthy sum by buying and selling stocks without needing to pay for a personal broker.

Getting Started

Many people simply decide to take a sum of money, get an account on a trading site and start playing the stocks. That is a great way to lose money quickly. The first step is to watch the stock market for business opportunities, keep up on the news, and read blog posts on what to look for when trading stocks. Once you feel comfortable with the potential risks, and understand how to look for trends, then it is time to take some money and dive in.

Perhaps the most reputable place to start investing money in stocks online is E*Trade. Not only is it a very secure site, but they have the resources to rank and follow various stocks. E*Trade also has very well-written articles on how to improve your investing strategy and find better business opportunities. A good number of people have given up their regular jobs, because the revenue generated through day trading exceeds any salary they have ever had.

Property Inspection

Property Inspection Business OpportunityWe have all heard the horror stories. People move into the house they worked very hard to purchase, only to find out a few months later that the wiring it faulty, there’s no insulation in the bedroom, and the one place where there is insulation – the bathroom – has trace amounts of asbestos that was not thoroughly removed the first time around. It is for these reasons that prospective homeowners and property investors hire independent inspectors. There is never a shortage of business opportunities for good home inspectors.

Getting Started

In order to become a property inspector, it helps to head on over to HomeInspector.org and read their introductory articles. That site is owned and operated by the American Society of Home Inspectors. This organization offers the courses and exams to become a certified home inspector. The site will also guide you to any local and state resources and requirements in your location.

One of the great things about becoming a home inspector is that it does not require you to give up your regular job. Potential homeowners will reach out to you to schedule an appointment, so you can maintain your own schedule. Depending on the real estate market in a given area, people can transition from their regular jobs into becoming full-time property inspectors. So long as homes and other properties exist, there will always be business opportunities for inspectors.

Customer Service

Customer Service Business OpportunityFor every business with more than 10,000 customers, there is a shortage of people to help those with issues that need resolving. What a lot of consumers do not understand is that many customer service representatives are independent contractors right here in the United States. People with a knack for explaining things in a chat-room, or de-escalating potentially hostile consumer reactions, can find many business opportunities as contracted customer service representatives.

Getting Started

In order to find business opportunities as a contracted customer service representative, you will need a computer and an internet connection. It should be noted that some companies, such as Comcast and Support.com, require an ethernet connection to access their secure network. In some cases, any extra equipment, such as phone sets, will be provided by the company.

People can land contracted positions with customer service departments – with business opportunities ranging from help desk positions all the way up to team managers and beyond – by applying to companies directly. In other cases, headhunters and placement services pass on contracts from companies like AT&T, Time Warner, and even EA Games. All companies take the time (and it is usually paid time) to train contracted customer service representatives in specific procedures, conversation scripts, metrics, and the company culture overall.

Due to workload overflow, these companies are more than happy to work with your schedule so you can help customers in your spare time, as opposed to scheduling your life around their customer tickets. Customer service contractors also get reputations from customers they have helped and from management reviewing their numbers. A customer service contractor with a great reputation is highly desired, and can take part-time business opportunities and turn them into a full-time career.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services Business OpportunityNo matter how orderly and neat we try to be, people will always their homes cleaned. Some people need that extra care right before a family gathering. Others have hectic schedules or limited mobility, and need their homes cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning services can start out as small, part-time business opportunities that can grow very quickly into full-time careers.

Getting Started

If you look at one of the largest cleaning service companies in the United States, ABM Industries, you will learn an interesting and inspiring story. ABM was started by one man, Ted Rosenberg, in the early 1900s. He would offer to clean places by himself. He did such a great job that his customers and business opportunities outgrew what he could cover by himself. To fix this, he put aside some of his own revenue in order to hire additional workers. Eventually, the company grew and Mr. Rosenberg became the owner of the premier cleaning services company, providing workers to apartment complexes, businesses, and office buildings throughout the United States.

That being said, not everyone has to follow in the shoes of Ted Rosenberg. Most people take out a business loan to buy supplies and hire workers to carry out the cleaning, while the business owners hang back and do the administrative work, along with landing contracts and other business opportunities for their employees. By working at running the business, keeping the books and talking with clients can be done in the off hours of your regular job. However, if the business really takes off and you are inundated with business opportunities, you might consider making it a full-time career.

Care Provider

Care Provider Business OpportunityFor those with a great bedside manner and a desire to help people, looking at business opportunities as a care provider might be right for you. An in-home care provider does not need to have special training, like an RN, though it does increase desirability and available business opportunities, if you are doing all of the work yourself.

Getting Started

Like lawn care and cleaning services, there are multiple paths to take. The first method involves hiring yourself out to sick or elderly clients who need assistance with daily tasks. You can schedule appointments so that business opportunities do not conflict with your regular job. The second path involves getting a small business loan to set up a company and hire care provider to do the work, while you focus on the accounting, setting up appointments, and seeking business opportunities.

With the population of our country getting older, and baby-boomers in their 70s, the business opportunities for people with companies that provide in-home care are skyrocketing. Regardless of which method you choose, you should check with your state’s Department of Health to see if the services your business provides qualify for enrollment in Medicaid. Being able to accept customers on Medicaid and getting reimbursed from the state also adds to business marketability, and increases the number of business opportunities you can take on.

Ebooks And Guides

eBook Business OpportunityBusinesses and organizations are always looking for new ways to build a list of potential sales leads, and writing ebooks and helpful guides are a great way to market a business to customers. The way it works is that visitors go to a business’ website. The site pitches a helpful ebook or guide to download for free if the visitors enter their email addresses. Once the email addresses are verified, the visitors can download the ebook for free. The addresses are then used to build a marketing list of potential business opportunities. That being said, these business owners do not have the time or skill set to write an ebook themselves, so they hire professionals.

Getting Started

The first step is to get a contract with the business that is hiring you for your services. There are a number of boilerplate contract templates over at PrintableContracts.com which can be modified for all types of business opportunities. The next step is to figure out pricing. Writers often hear about “that one person” who was able to land an ebook contract for thousands of dollars. If those business opportunities exist, they are very rare. Most ebooks are written at a rate starting at around $100 to $200 per page. The whole point of the ebook is to generate leads for sales from business opportunities that are worth many times that, so business owners should be comfortable with that rate.

How detailed you want to make the book is up to you. Some businesses are happy with a simple .pdf file. Others want to go the route of an epub format, complete with a table of contents and embedded links (which can increase the rate writers get for their efforts). Writing ebooks for people present a wide range of business opportunities, which can be done in your spare time, while bringing in anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, depending on how ambitious you are.


TaskRabbit Business OpportunityIn a mobile world that warns against the “gameification of society” – useless awards and achievements for accomplishing things that are ultimately of little value – TaskRabbit has embraced the philosophy and turned it into something positive. TaskRabbit lets people offer their skills via their eponymous mobile app for chores ranging from cleaning to hanging shelves, and even minor home renovations. On the other side of the app, people who need services in your area will post business opportunities, and if their tasks match your skill set, you will be alerted.

Getting Started

The first step is to download the app or sign up on TaskRabbit.com. The site will ask you to list your skill set, personal information, location, and preferred method of payment. All billing is done within the application, which is safe and secure, so there are no entanglements with cash transactions.  Taskers are put through a thorough background check, to avoid any shady dealings, or questionable people getting sent to customers’ homes. All taskers are insured up to $1 million, in case of dispute or injury on the job. Similarly, customers also have certain protections in case an experience goes awry.

As you browse business opportunities and complete tasks, your reputation increases, and you become more visible to customers. There is no obligation to take business opportunities if you get an alert – so in that respect the service works very much like Lyft or Uber. For an app that is based on people’s willingness to help others, some taskers pull down thousands of dollars by doing various chores for others in their spare time.

Refurbished Electronics

Refurbished Electronics Business OpportunityBusiness opportunities for refurbished electronics are everywhere, and anyone can start right now. Every month, people across the country throw away gadgets and electronic devices, or put them up for sale at very low prices, simply because they do not work properly. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, stereo equipment – all unwanted due to issues which can be corrected with a little effort and know how. Once repaired, these refurbished electronics can be sold for much more than the cost of their aftermarket acquisition price.

Getting Started

When working with electronics, it helps to have a working computer with an internet connection. From there, check local ads and Craigslist for business opportunities, like people who are selling or trying to offload electronic equipment and gadgets that no longer work. If you live in a college town, students will get rid of computers and devices by the ton at the end of each semester, simply because they are not “the latest and greatest.” The next step is to consult the internet to identify problems.

There are a number of channels on YouTube dedicated to repairing and refurbishing electronics. For computers, tablets, and smartphones, most problems are software-based. The problem is that most people either do not have the time, nor the inclination to go searching for even simple solutions. For things like stereo equipment, the problem may be physical, in which case it might help to get a soldering gun. You can then resell the now-working electronics back on Craigslist, eBay, or open up your own physical or online store. The business opportunities for reselling refurbished electronics is a multi-million dollar field.


Airbnb Business OpportunityAirBnB is much more than simply a trend. This service gives tourists and travelers the ability to go places they normally wouldn’t, while saving money on their stays. Instead of making hotel reservations well ahead of time, and sifting through rates between various sites, AirBnB gives people a list of places to stay, along with customer ratings and prices. The truth is, most people are coming to the realization that fancy hotels are not necessary on most trips – especially if most of their time is spent sleeping. If you have an extra room, or even a sofa, you can create great business opportunities as an AirBnB host.

Getting Started

To start attracting business opportunities, make sure you house or apartment is clean and presentable. Make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Then sign up on airbnb.com and create an account. As a host, you get to set the rules for your place – like making items in the refrigerator available to guests, letting potential guests know when you leave for work, etc. You also get to set the price of a stay at your place, per night. A quality service like this insures all hosts for any damages up to $1 million. Listing on AirBnB is free, and they charge 3 percent of the overall cost when customers take you up on your offer. Guests pay before they arrive, and the amount goes directly to your account, so there are no messy cash-only transactions.

Taking Surveys Online

Taking Surveys OnlineMost people think business opportunities for online surveys amount to very little. There was a time when that was true. People would fill out surveys for the chance at winning prizes, or getting free samples of products. There were even some business opportunities that encouraged people to fill out surveys for money, with the caveat that they could get paid when their accounts reached a minimum of $100 (which was nearly impossible when they paid pennies for each survey). As of this article, online survey companies have grown up quite a bit, and there are business opportunities for people who want to make real money by offering their opinions in their spare time.

Getting Started

People can find business opportunities simply by using their Google ID to link to Google Surveys. Their surveys give money which can be used on the Google Play store and even Android Pay, which can be used in real world, brick and mortar stores. The other options is to sign up with ipsos.com or mysurvey.com which both offer business opportunities that pay out directly to PayPal. By answering surveys, you can still get some great sample products, but these sites also know people are really in it for the money. By taking surveys in your spare time, you can rack up a sizable supplemental income.


BloggingThere are a number of ways to earn passive income by blogging, but the most accessible way is to set up a blog through Blogger or WordPress and embed advertising to earn money from people clicking on the ads. The other way is to review products from other companies. This not only gets you free merchandise, but it also generates traffic, which equals revenue. People who know how to write attractive blog posts have a number of business opportunities available to them.

Getting Started

It used to be that having one blog was a big thing – a place where you could showcase personal opinions and insights. People quickly figured out how to leverage blogs into lucrative business opportunities. With the ability to start blogs for free (see the above paragraph), people can create a number of sites, each dedicated to niche topics, hobbies, industries, or even products. From there, seek out business opportunities with advertising affiliates.

Google AdSense is a great place to start. Other big online business, like Amazon, also offer business opportunities with their marketing department. Additionally, most companies will also have affiliate programs with advertising. Some will even have pre-written SEO optimized content that you can post in your blog in order to drive traffic. This takes the hassle out of having to write content yourself to generate business opportunities. Simply copy, paste, and post. By running a few blogs and posting fresh content to draw in visitors, you can earn a very generous side income. Some have even turned part-time business opportunities in blogging into a full-time career.

Au Pair/Babysitter

Babysitter Business OpportunitiesBusiness opportunities in babysitting have been and will be a great way to make a decent side income. Parents like to “get away” every now and then, and when miracles allow for free time in busy schedules, then a babysitter is the first “go to” solution. Babysitting is not just provided by teens these days. Adults with the ability to watch children, help them with homework, make sure they are fed, and ensure all around good behavior can create a number of business opportunities. Taking things a step further, branding yourself as an “Au Pair” will open doors to even more lucrative business opportunities.

Getting Started

As with similar business opportunities, such as cleaning and pet care (see above), the best place to start offering babysitting services is in your immediate vicinity. Mention your services to neighbors, friends, and coworkers to find potential business opportunities. Keep in mind that you only have a limited amount of time in the day, so do not take on more appointments than you can keep. If you would like to become an Au Pair, and open up higher paying business opportunities, then you should register your location and services at findaupair.com which will match your abilities with potential clients in your area.

There is also a third option, which is to start a babysitting or Au Pair business of your own. By carefully screening both clients and employees, you can build up a team of people to cover a wide area, while you handle the paperwork and finances, while seeking out contracts and other business opportunities.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer Business OpportunityDo you enjoy working out? Do you take pride in fitness? Do you like to help others? Then seeking out business opportunities as a personal trainer might be right up your alley. Finding business opportunities as a personal trainer involves working with individuals to help them meet their fitness goals. Whether it is losing weight to fit into a suit or dress before an event, or coaching to reach weightlifting goals, a personal trainer provides support and motivation to their clients.

Getting Started

Becoming a personal trainer does not require you to have a home gym. In fact, most personal trainers find business opportunities at their clients’ homes, at the local gym, and even in the park. Advertise your services on Craigslist or at your local gym. When clients come to you with business opportunities, work with them to figure out their goals, and design a routine to help them along the way. Some personal trainers will even go so far as to study nutrition and design dietary regimens to help their clients achieve goals – be it weight loss, muscle mass, or toning. The best thing about being a personal trainer is that you get to set the schedule, and by helping other people get fit, you get your exercise in the process.

Car Rentals

Car Rentals Business OpportunityFor those who live in a city, and rarely use their cars, or for those who simply don’t do much driving in general, there are business opportunities for renting out cars. Think of it as the commuter’s version of AirBnB (see above).

Getting Started

Renting out your own car to strangers may seem like a rather precarious deal. However, companies such as Turo will not only insure vehicles for up to $1 million, but they also screen potential renters before matching them with vehicle owners. Turo will match your car with potential renters and notify you when business opportunities come along. All payments from business opportunities are handled through the Turo app, to prevent any disputes. This is a great business for anyone who owns a car that they do not really use.

Website Design

Website DesignWebsite design was a goldmine in the late 1990s and early 2000s, filled with seemingly endless business opportunities. Once the dot com bubble burst, however, businesses such as WordPress and Tumblr tried to make things as simplified as possible for users and business owners. However, even with a shift away from coding to a more visual interface, businesses do not have the time to browse through tons of plug-ins and applets to make their basic website into the exact thing they want. This opens up a number of business opportunities for people who have the expertise in web design.

Getting Started

It will always help to have your own website to show off your professionalism and capabilities, when looking for web design business opportunities. Some website consultants will even have links to mock-ups to show off exactly what they can do with things like CSS and WordPress plug-ins, in order to generate business opportunities from visitors. Then it is time to browse places like UpWork, Freelancer, and even Fiverr for potential business opportunities. At the same time, meet with local business owners and let them know how having a professional-looking website can boost their sales and draw in customers. The door-to-door approach can drum up business opportunities in your own neighborhood.

If you are ever stuck on configuring plug-ins or getting the design to meet specifications, there are always tutorials on YouTube, or you can take one of the great (and usually deeply discounted) tutorials over at Udemy.com to help get you past any obstacles. Starting a side job as a part-time website consultant can open up to full-time business opportunities.

Franchise Owner

Franchise Owner Business OpportunityStarting a franchise is perhaps one of the most “turn key” business opportunities available today. However, before you start to worry about not having the time to do your regular job, you should know that the franchise business model has grown up quite a bit, and it has diversified, as well. People can launch franchises that they can operate from home, on their own time – such as vacation organizers, mail order distributors, and more. This allows people to keep their regular jobs, while still earning supplemental income from franchise business opportunities. There are franchise business opportunities for virtually every facet of life.

Getting Started

Before you start investing in a franchise, you should probably head on over to a site like FranchiseDirect.com to check out the different types of franchise business opportunities available, and their initial investment cost. There are other details as well, such as the franchisor’s expectations of business owners, additional fees, whether or not the business can be run from home, and what the average yearly revenue is. The next step is to get in contact with a franchise representative to get a more in-depth look at the business.

If you have found the right franchise, then it is time to talk about the financial requirements and go over the franchise agreement. For this, you will need an attorney with a background in franchise contracts, to go over the fine print so you are not hit with an unexpected fee later on down the road, and to explain things in plain terms. Then it is time to see if you need to take out any small business loans to launch the franchise. Some franchise business opportunities can be started for just a few thousand dollars. However, some people go all out and buy a franchise, hire employees, and take a more “hands off” approach, while simultaneously sticking with their regular jobs.

Owning a franchise is one of easiest business opportunities to launch, and the streamlined operations facilitate revenue without needing much hands on experience. Franchisors usually provide all the training necessary, as well as access to an internal support network, in case there are any obstacles along the way, in order to maximize profitability from franchise opportunities.

The Toughest Step Is Always The First

As you can see, business opportunities are everywhere. Whether you want to put in a few hours every week, or launch your own enterprise, there are business opportunities to fit every schedule. Now that you have a long list of ideas for business opportunities you can start on the side, which can evolve into full-time careers (should you so desire) the hardest part will be to choose one. There is never any rush, and try to pick business opportunities that line up with your interests and current life schedule. And who knows? This list may get you thinking about original niche business opportunities of your own you have always wanted to try.