In light of the COVID-19 public health crisis, our March 2020 class has gone fully digital and has been taught webinar style. Our in house team, our attendees, and our lenders have had the ability to communicate with one another from an entirely remote setting. And, in our opinion, this class is arguably our best and most effective class yet. Not to mention, it has been our largest class to date. 

Our team has come up with our top three reasons as to why March 2020 has been our favorite:

This Is the Only Valid Opportunity Right Now

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the demand for small business funding has had a dramatic increase in the last 30 days. The CCTG network of lenders and our graduates have experienced a 200% increase in applications for funding as businesses are looking for credit in order to weather the storm in the months ahead. As the demand for capital skyrockets, our graduates have benefited directly, keeping Main Street alive by providing capital. Essentially meaning that now is the best time to become a commercial loan broker.

Streamlined Logistics

Flight plans, hotel reservations, meals, and all the things that come with traveling overall can be both challenging and stressful. While we have our in-person training down to a science, our new remote training allows us all to come together with just a few clicks of a mouse. 

Our webinar is interactive, providing the option to chat with our moderators in real-time, asking questions and providing feedback. There is also an option to call into our live tech support department, making the “techy stuff” much easier and less overwhelming. 

The only requirements for our remote class are a laptop or a tablet, ultimately making it much more simple to participate in our online course. 

Easier for Families and Attendees with Busy Schedules

Without having to leave home for an entire week, coordinate childcare, and travel (sometimes across the country), it is easier than ever before to start a home-based business as a commercial loan broker. 

In addition to the ability to stay home, this remote opportunity is keeping our students safe during the public health crisis, and, for the icing on top, everyone can learn in their sweatpants!