Scotsman Guide Publishes Kris Roglieri’s 2013 Tips for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Scottsman Guide Article - Tips For Commercial Mortgage BrokersKris Roglieri, Founder and President of Commercial Capital Training Group, published an article offering commercial mortgage brokers timely tips for 2013 in the Scotsman Guide – Commercial Edition for December. This article covers the aftermath of of the 2008 economic crash that many types of brokers were affected by, but proposes a recovery solution for brokers by diversifying their product portfolios.

Most brokers focus on one or two primary funding solutions, when they have access to a variety of lending options to capitalize on. With the banks no longer lending as much as they use to, commercial mortgage brokers and alternative financing consultants have the ability to step in and replace the banks as capital providers.

Finance brokers that are well versed in the variety of finance products out there in the market are better positioned to fulfill their clients needs and lead them to the better options available to them. The great thing about these is options is that if a client of yours is requesting capital for a commercial real estate transaction, the possibility is high that they will require additional capital for other business needs, such as working capital, equipment or some form of asset-based lending needs.

This is an extremely helpful post from Kris Roglieri that details how a mix of lending products available to commercial mortgage brokers and commercial finance brokers that can help clients and protect your business!