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Top Tips When Launching A Startup Business Idea

Startup Business Ideas | Commercial Capital Training GroupGreat startup business ideas take a keen eye and a sharp mind. After all, the very essence of startup businesses is a small yet robust company able to repeatedly deliver goods and services to a niche market.

Successful startup business ideas can grow to become very large and successful corporations, further on down the road. Originating in the IT industry, the startup business model has greatly diversified over the years, and they can be found in almost every industry, ranging from IT to hospitality, restaurants, and even finance. Startup business ideas can be found anywhere, but if you blink, you just might miss them.

So where does the independent entrepreneur find viable startup business ideas?

Startup Business Ideas Go Beyond Novelty

Startup business ideas based on novelty, or built up existing concepts are hit or miss. Some of these startup business ideas really take off, while others seem to fizzle very quickly.

For example, someone may think its a great idea to launch a social media network specifically targeted at a niche subsection of society. For the sake of this example, we will use some thing very generic, like widget collectors. The potential is there for some (but not all) people who collect widgets to sign up for this network. If you are trying to make money through ad revenue, or by offering certain premiums, then some (but not all) of the people who sign up for the social media network for widget collectors will take advantage of those services.

The more specific you get with your novelty concept, the smaller your audience will be, and the paying percentage of that total audience is even smaller, and you get into diminishing returns. This is until someone on the outside creates a group for widget collectors on Facebook or Pinterest, and people flock to that because they are familiar with those social platforms and can get everything they want for free. Startup business ideas need to have more substance and a wider reach than something that is “just like X, but only slightly different.”

What Is Missing?

Great startup business ideas come from looking at anything – an industry, a method within a particular market, etc. – and look at what is lacking from the process. Maybe there is a more efficient way of delivering information necessary to process client orders. Maybe something is only available in large quantities but there is no scaled down version available to the individual consumer – provided there is a market for the products and services at that level.

Startup business ideas originate with recognizing actual problems and gaps that have not been resolved in any way for years, while researching on the other end of the equation to see if there is a need by businesses or consumers to have this gap fixed in a way that will generate revenue.

Creative Problem Solving

Startup business ideas are about solving problems in unique and innovative ways such that other companies cannot just copy your methodology and make money from your ideas. Sometimes this is done with proprietary technology. Other times, it is accomplished with established partnerships and inroads made in the industry.

What makes startups such powerful organizations is that they are small, and once their solutions are implemented, it almost seems impossible to imagine doing business without their products and services.

How Far Reaching Are Your Startup Business Ideas?

There are a number of startup business ideas that provide solutions for the here and now, and even then, only for very specific markets. The classic example of this would be Apple.

Way back in the day, home computing was a very expensive hobby. Hardly anyone used computers outside of very specific industries except for people with the disposable income to buy (then) very pricey hardware to cobble together a computer that could be used for the most basic of functions. Then Jobs and Wozniak came along and had the vision to see where the computer industry was headed, and wanted to design an affordable home computer that is easy to use. After that, other companies scrambled to catch up, which ultimately let to a truly competitive market.

Today, home computers are not only everywhere, but they have led to new proprietary technology at affordable prices, and that can be used by just about anyone.

Startup Business Ideas Are Rarely A Surefire Thing

No one can predict whether startup ideas are going to be successful. Apple was a confluence of technology, marketing, and perfect timing. For every one that hits a long-term stride, there are hundreds of other startup business ideas that fizzle before they become a reality.

A quick search on crowdfunding sites will give you a quick idea of how many startup business ideas fail to meet their initial funding milestones because the public ultimately gauges whether these ideas are viable, or if the timing just isn’t right.

Look To The Essentials

If we remove novelty variations of existing products and services, or the notion that you have to stay up late at night waiting for that “Eureka!” moment, then you are left with the basics.

What do people in today’s economy need? One idea whose time has come is InstaCart. InstaCart built off of the old fashioned idea of grocery delivery from the 1950s and breathed new life into it, by working with major grocery chains, and allowing people to create their shopping lists online, select delivery times, pay in advance, and then groceries arrive at your doorstep.

The best startup business ideas need to draw from the basic needs of individuals, combine them with methods available today, and mix them with the ability to repeat those concepts for long-term success.

There Is No Manual

You cannot find startup business ideas in any manual or online guide. You can find a lot of success stories, just as many tragic stories, and lots of guides on business structure, as well as articles on how to finance your startup business ideas – but no one can come up with the idea for you. There are very new startup business ideas that can be used as a template for guaranteed success, time and time again.

Commercial Finance

Perhaps the closest thing to a great startup business idea that can be used by others is that of commercial finance. The basic premise for commercial premise is that businesses are always in need of extra capital to grow and successfully generate more revenue.

On the other side of things are lenders, who make money by financing businesses and commercial real estate investors. However, the two parties need someone to match the right business with the correct lending product and bring one another together to come to an agreement.

By acting as both a catalyst and facilitator, commercial finance professionals are able to generate revenue by coming up with creative solutions for getting businesses the funding they need, and taking a percentage of each agreement for themselves in the process.

It takes a basic need (money), and uses a creative approach to problem solving, and can be repeated for long-term success. By definition, this field exists as one of the few startup business ideas that can be duplicated over and over, with great results, and it is unaffected by dips in the economy.

Low Cost, Low Overhead Startup Business Idea

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) has honed this approach to commercial finance to a science. However, instead of guarding this knowledge, we are willing to share it with graduates of our program, because the economy thrives when entrepreneurs get the funding they need to grow successfully.

At CCTG, we will provide you with the tools and training necessary to launch your own commercial finance business. We will teach you how to bring business owners and lenders together and successfully negotiate for not only big deals, but how to generate residual income for a steady cash flow. You can work as much or as little as your want, from the comfort of your home office, and your business is your own.

We will also introduce you to our exclusive board of lenders, with a combined experience of over 80 years in the commercial finance and banking industries. We will build your brand, provide marketing online, in print, and across social media so that your business is recognized locally and across the country. To top it off, our knowledge and support staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to field your questions and offer support for any issues you might have.

CCTG trains people from all walks of life to spot commercial finance opportunities, and how to set yourself up for nearly limitless earning potential. One of the best startup ideas you can have is when you call the Commercial Capital Training Group to see how we can help you get on track for financial independence and long-term success.

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