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Learn About Creative Business Ideas In Untapped Markets

Creative Business Ideas | Commercial Capital Training GroupThere are entirely untapped markets full of potential customers waiting for new creative business ideas. Innovative products, new ways to deliver services, and niche ideas that explode onto the market and make everyone rethink how they have managed to live without these things.

We have seen this in the past with the creative business ideas put forth by Apple, Netflix, and even online clothing stores. But the most creative business ideas are not relegated to major corporations – in fact, the creative business ideas come first, and the successful companies grow out of them.

Creative Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Creative business ideas do not have to bring about world peace – they only have to change a few minds and get people to notice in order to them to become successful. The first online store to offer free shipping and hassle-free exchanges caused their brand to skyrocket, simply because it was a new approach for online retail that had never been tried. That creative business idea is now a billion dollar industry, with many of the well-established corporations now following that example. Similarly, no one thought digital delivery for books or music would succeed outside of science fiction, yet now people of all ages and walks of life are downloading their favorite books and songs on a daily basis.

There Is No Such Thing As Only One Way Of Doing It

Creative business ideas do not have the final say in products and services – they evolve over time and need creative people to look at traditional methods from a different angle. To return back to books, there was a time when people would hire scribes to write down information. Due to the cost of materials, time, and the overall literacy level, very few scrolls and books were produced. Gutenberg made the ability to produce printed material in greater quantities and at a lower cost with his printing press. If you follow it down the line, we now have not only e-books, which can be downloaded in mere fractions of a second, but anyone can self-publish, which puts control in the hands of authors and makes the end products more affordable to the masses. These creative ideas spring from people who are constantly looking at the current state of things and asking how it can be done better.

Thinking Outside The Box

It almost seems like a cliché, but the most creative businesses and business ideas have come from people who can think outside of the box and put two or more unrelated concepts together. With Netflix, for example – we were all used to going to physical stores to rent movies. No one would have thought of a rent-by-mail service to get movies delivered quickly, with no charge for keeping it longer than expected, and then mailing it back for new selections. Conventional rental companies thought it was too big of a risk. Yet Netflix took the risk with their creative business ideas, and established themselves as the premier movie rental service, eventually expanding to digital delivery over a number of platforms.

Making Life Easier

Most often, creative business ideas spring from making life more convenient for everyone. We see evidence of this daily with electric lighting, refrigerators, and the ubiquity of devices that use USB chargers. In more niche markets, creative business ideas have started popping up all over in the form of online grocery delivery (InstaCart), online tax services, independent transportation services (Uber), and even social media itself – giving everyone an outlet to share ideas and keep in touch with loved ones. All of these are extremely successful and creative business ideas, and we have yet to even scratch the surface.

Never Settle For “Good Enough”

Creative business ideas make the most impact when they provide a solution, as opposed to a diversion or fad. When the mobile phone was first introduced in the 1980s, it allowed people to stay in contact everywhere they went, but the size was unwieldy. Because this was a creative idea, and other entrepreneurs saw ways to improve on a revolutionary approach to communication, people found ways to make the mobile phone smaller and more affordable – to the point where most mobile phones are more like portable business offices contained in a device no larger than your hand.

Building On The Past To Improve The Present

Some of the most creative business ideas come from those individuals who see what has been done, and slightly modifying it to meet a very modern demand. There were once a finite number of taxi cabs in any given city, and only in cities. As a result, more people were spending a lot of money to get from one place to another, and having to schedule things well in advance to arrive at destinations on time. The founder of Uber saw the problem with using a very finite resource and decided to employ private drivers to pick people up at a fraction of taxi rates, and the public flocked to the solution. But there are creative business ideas that do not require such a high-tech approach to problems. As an example, a small group of people saw a consumer need for killing weeds without resorting to pesticides and harmful chemicals. Because of their drive to preserve the land for future generations, they put a new spin on things by employing old-fashioned methods. They now own a farm and rent out herds of goats to eat weeds and other succulents so farmers and even private individuals can have weed-free field and lawns.

Future Perfect

While many of the most creative business ideas focus on providing revolutionary goods and services for the here and now, creative businesses themselves find their own success by looking many years down the road and anticipating the upcoming needs of people before they become apparent. Apple saw the upcoming need for home computers and how they might advance everything from homework to social interaction, and even commerce, and to this day their brand is synonymous with doing things differently and providing products people didn’t know they needed until they were announced. More companies are coming up with creative business ideas to deliver transportation, housing, and energy while changing the environment for the better. People with the best creative business ideas are always looking toward the future to see how they can make a change today.

Commercial finance

One of the biggest changes to our economic landscape has come from the world of commercial finance. Professionals in this field have provided the most creative business ideas, as well as helping other individuals and businesses launch creative business ideas to boost the economy and better the lives of people all over the planet.

Years ago, despite a few predictions, major banks and credit unions did not expect a large downturn in our economy. 90 years before that, no one really foresaw the Great Depression. After the last economic crash – with banks struggling and businesses going belly up – commercial finance professionals had a number of creative business ideas to get the economy back on its feet. They started offering affordable loans, and even financing solutions that involved zero debt to launch businesses and keep people having to file for bankruptcy.

These creative business ideas are going strong to this very day, which allows the economy to grow, while also safeguarding against future economic slumps. Commercial finance professionals devised creative business ideas such as purchase order financing, factoring, leveraging luxury goods for loans, and myriad others to help businesses launch and grow successfully, without creating massive amounts of debt and ruining the economy all over again. Commercial finance professionals are always on the lookout for creative business ideas that need funding, and they are constantly researching new, viable, and affordable methods for financing entrepreneurs with great ideas. The best part is that there is still a lot of room for even more creative business ideas.

Get Creative By Owning An Alternative Lending Company

The Commercial Capital Training Group (CCTG) provides training and tools to people with creative business ideas so they can help entrepreneurs and other finance professionals. We understand that businesses are in constant need of extra financing. Very few creative business ideas come to fruition without working capital, and we match that by providing creative business finance solutions to help entrepreneurs launch their ideas and change the world.

By attending CCTG’s courses in commercial finance, you will have access to our board of lenders, 24/7 support, a team of finance professionals and marketers to help you launch and brand your business, and unlimited earning potential.

The Commercial Capital Training Group specializes in giving people the opportunities to bring lenders and creative businesses together for financial agreements, and teaching them how to get paid for helping to negotiate and arrange these partnerships.

If you have creative business ideas, or like to solve challenging situations in unconventional ways, contact the Commercial Capital Training group. We specialize in creative business solutions.

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