Why Commercial Loan Brokers Need To Be Trained

By Kris Roglieri

Commercial Loan Brokers | Commercial Capital Training GroupAnyone can read a book on commercial financing or even have a background in investing or running a business, and believe they can take on being a commercial loan broker without any obstacles. However, with the constant demand of business capital, the commercial lending world has become very competitive. Now commercial loan brokers need a trademark that puts them above the rest.

Probably the most significant struggle that beginner commercial loan brokers face today is finding lenders that will help fund deals. Lenders have minimal time on their hands and a great amount of deals to choose from. If you don’t have an edge with lenders, your deals can fall through due to the long approval times or never getting the lenders attention to being with. Commercial Capital Training Group loan broker business opportunity, offers this advantage to all of their attendees throughout the program week. We introduce and set all of our attendees up with over 40 different lenders specializing in all different commercial finance products.

Another advantage a trained commercial loan broker possesses is being able to offer an array of commercial lending products. Offering all forms of commercial financing broadens your clientele greatly, but first you have to become familiar with each product so that you may better serve your client and prepare the package for a given lender.

Most successful commercial loan brokers have a busy schedule and a lot of their plate, almost making it impossible to extra take time to learn all the financing products while trying to maintain a business at the same time. CCTG’s intensive 7-day program thoroughly educates our attendees in commercial financing products of all types as well as provides a starter package to help get your commercial finance business lifted off the ground right after leaving class. Our attendees don’t waste time having to take extra time learning about the financing products because they were all covered during class week.

If you haven’t been convinced already that it’s practically necessary to be trained when pursuing a business in commercial finance, here are some other advantages to keep in mind about ‘Why Loan Brokers Need To Be Trained’

  • More product knowledge= larger client base opportunity
  • Attention from recognized lenders
  • Possession and Knowledge of the Materials needed to stay organized and get deals closed faster
  • Knowledge of Proper Etiquette with Clients and Lenders
  • 1 on 1 live support at your fingers tips after completing CCTG’s program.

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